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 December 27, 2014 

मकर संक्रांती २०१५

Makar Sankranti - As per Vedic Hindu philosophy, Sun is taken into account to get the king of each of the planets. And Makar Sankranti commemorates the expedition of sun to Northern Hemisphere. Makar is a Sanskrit that actually means Capricorn whereas Sankranti denotes transition. Therefore, sun's transition from Sagittarius to Capricorn sign in the northern hemisphere, throughout winter is Makar Sankranti. Sun takes an uttarayana route on January 14-15 and stays there till July 14. This pageant additionally comes as Thanksgiving to Mother Nature for an abundance of crops, properly being and prosperity. The festivities embrace sweets made from rice, jaggery, green gram and sesame.

The festivals is named Khichri in UP, Sakat in Haryana and Punjab, Sukarat in MP, Bhogali Bihu in Assam and West Bengal, Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Sankranti in Andhra and Karnataka and Uttarayan in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Individuals in North India have a good time Sankranti with a lot of spiritual fervor and devotion in the direction of Lord Surya. A holy dip in Ganga River is amazingly standard amongst Hindu faith followers. Pilgrimage locations like Haridwar, Banaras and Allahabad witness an enormous rush of devotees on this auspicious day.

You can perform below puja on this day,

Kalsap puja

Pitra Puja

Grahan puja

Shani puja

Sade-sati puja

Mangal puja

 December 8, 2014 

Christmas 2014

A Christian holiday honoring the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas advanced over two millennia right into a worldwide religious and secular celebration, incorporating numerous pre-Christian, pagan traditions into the festivities alongside the best way. As we speak, Christmas is often a time for household and pals to get collectively and change gifts.

This holly day you can perform many puja, sadhana and diksha which is 100 times beneficial.

Kalsarpa puja
Mangalik puja
Apsara Sadhana
Durga Puja
Hanuman sadhana
Kali sadhana

 October 13, 2014 

Mahalakshmi puja on Diwali 2014

On Diwali, Lakshmi Worship needs to be achieved throughout Pradosh Kaal which begins after sunset and roughly lasts for two hours and 24 minutes. Some sources suggest Mahanishita Kaal additionally to carry out Lakshmi Pujan. In our opinion Mahanishita Kaal is finest suited to Tantrik group and practising Pandits who know the very best about Lakshmi Worship throughout this particular time. For widespread individuals we suggest Pradosh Kaal Muhurat.

We don't advise to decide on Choghadiya Muhurat to carry out Lakshmi Pooja as these Muhurtas are good just for travelling. The very best time for Lakshmi Pujan is throughout Pradosh Kaal when Sthir Lagna prevails. Sthir means fixed i.e. not moveable. If Lakshmi Pujan is completed throughout Sthir Lagna, Lakshmiji will keep in your house; hence this time is a greatest for Lakshmi Worship. Vrishabha Lagna is considered as Sthir and largely overlaps with Pradosh Kaal throughout Diwali festivity.

We offer exact window for Lakshmi Worship. Our Muhurat instances contain Pradosh Kaal and Sthir Lagna whereas Amavasya is prevailing. We offer Muhurat based on location, therefore you want to choose your metropolis first prior to noting down Shubh Lakshmi Pujan timings.

Many communities particularly Gujarati businessmen do Chopda Pooja throughout Diwali Pooja. Throughout Chopda Worship new account books are inaugurated in presence of Goddess Lakshmi to hunt Her blessing for the following monetary year. Diwali Pujan is often recognized as Deepavali Pujan and Lakshmi Ganesh Pujan. 

 September 14, 2014 

Valmiki Jayanti

Maharshi Balmiki (valmiki), the writer in the nice Indian epicRamayana , was a Hindu guru who lived across the starting in the first millennium B.C. He's referred to as the 'adikavi', the unique creator in the Hindu 'sloka' - a verse type during which most in the nice epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas , and different works are composed.How Valmiki Got His NameHe was a Brahman by birth belonging to the lineage of Bhrigu. Destiny consigned him to a household of robbers which introduced him up. Unintentional contact with the Saptarsis - the Seven Sages and with the sage Narada modified his life. By the repetition of Ramanama or the name of Ram, he attained the supreme state of a 'maharshi' or nice sage. Since a 'valmika' or an anthill had grown over his physique during his lengthy period of austerities and poised state of penance, he got here to be referred to as Valmiki.

Epic Imaginative and prescient

When the legendary sage Narada got here to his hermitage, Valmiki who acquired him with due honor, posed a query - who was a great man? The reply got here from Narada in the type of Samkshepa Ramayana which fashioned the muse on which the magnificent 24,000 verse edifice was constructed by Balmiki (valmiki). Then, immersed deep into this story, Balmiki (valmiki) left for the river Tamasa along with his disciple Bharadwaj. The nice and placid river reminded the seer in the mature and modest quality of his hero. He visualized a pure and pious man's mind mirrored of the deep waters. In the subsequent on the spot he witnessed a heartless hunter mercilessly killing a male bird that was in love with its mate. The piteous wailing in the distressed female moved the heart in the sage a lot that he spontaneously uttered a curse on the hunter. Nonetheless, this curse got here from his mouth of the type of a 'sloka', a superbly metrical composition, which shocked the sage himself: "No - You shall not command any respect in society for a long time as you've shot dead an harmless bird engrossed in love". The sage had become a poet.

Balmiki (balmiki (valmiki)) was actually a Maharshi. The describes Valmiki in these phrases: "He was purity, penance, benevolence and meditation personified plus the sole object of his dedication and contemplation was Man, a person leaves his egocentric existence and lives for others figuring out himself with the composite tradition in the cosmic creation." The one work accessible in the nice sage-poet, The Ramayana, has established the poet's timeless fame.

 September 13, 2014 

Vijayadashami festival 2014

Vijaya Dashami, (Dasara, or Dashain) is a Hindu pageant that celebrates the victory of excellent over evil. It is a gazetted vacation in India, which is marked on the tenth day in the bright half (Shukla Paksha) in the month of Ashvin (Ashwayuja), based on the Hindu calendar.

What do individuals do?

Many people in the Hindu religion observe Vijayadashami via particular prayer conferences and meals choices to the gods at house or in temples (mandir) throughout India. In addition they hold outside festivals (melas) and enormous parades with effigies of Ravana (a legendary king of historic Sri Lanka). The effigies are burnt on bonfires in the evening. Vijayadashami is a end result in the Navaratri festival.There are various native celebrations in some areas in India that may last for as much as 10 days. Native occasions embrace:Performances in the Ramlila (a brief model in the epic Ramayana) in Northern India.A big competition and procession together with the goddess Chamundeshwari on a throne mounted on elephants in the city of Mysore in the state of Karnataka.The blessing of family and work-associated tools, like books, computer systems, cooking pans and vehicles in the state of Karnataka.The preparation of particular meals, together with luchi (deep fried flat bread) and alur dom (deep fried spiced potato snacks), in Bengal.Many Hindus additionally imagine that it is fortunate to begin a brand new enterprise, challenge or journey on Vijayadashami. They could additionally alternate gifts of leaves out of the Shami tree (Prosopis spicigera) as a logo in the story in the Pandavas brothers' exile in the Mahabharata stories.

Legend of Vijayadashami

Vijayadashami celebrates the Hindu bhagawan Rama's victory over the demon king Ravana plus the triumph of fine over evil. The epic Ramayana tells the legendary story in the Lord Rama who wins the beautiful Sita for his spouse, solely to have her carried off by Ravana, the demon king of Lanka.Ravana performs a necessary role in the Ramayana. Ravana had a sister often called Shoorpanakha. She fell in love with the brothers Rama and Lakshamana and wished to marry one in every of them. Lakshamana refused to marry her and Rama couldn't as he was already married to Sita.Shoorpanakha threatened to kill Sita, in order that she may marry Rama. This angered Lakshamana who cut off Shoorpanakha's nostril and ears. Ravana then kidnapped Sita to avenge his sister's injuries. Rama and Lakshamana later fought a battle to rescue Sita. The monkey bhagawan Hanuman and an enormous army of monkeys helped them.The Mahabharata is one other sequence of Hindu myths that play a role of the Vijayadashami festival. The Pandavas had been 5 brothers who fought evil forces with a set of distinctive weapons. They deserted their weapons and went into exile for one year. They hid their weapons in a Shami tree and located them on the similar place once they returned from exile. They then worshipped the tree before going to a battle, which they won. This epic is also commemorated throughout Vijayadashami.

 September 11, 2014 

श्राद्ध तर्पण तारीख २०१४

०८ सितम्बर (सोमवार) पूर्णिमा श्राद्ध
०९ सितम्बर (मंगलवार) प्रतिपदा श्राद्ध
१० सितम्बर (बुधवार) द्वितीया श्राद्ध
११ सितम्बर (बृहस्पतिवार) तृतीया श्राद्ध
१२ सितम्बर (शुक्रवार) चतुर्थी श्राद्ध
१३ सितम्बर (शनिवार) महा भरणी , पञ्चमी श्राद्ध
१४ सितम्बर (रविवार) षष्ठी श्राद्ध
१५ सितम्बर (सोमवार) सप्तमी श्राद्ध
१६ सितम्बर (मंगलवार) अष्टमी श्राद्ध
१७ सितम्बर (बुधवार) नवमी श्राद्ध
१८ सितम्बर (बृहस्पतिवार) दशमी श्राद्ध
१९ सितम्बर (शुक्रवार) एकादशी श्राद्ध
२० सितम्बर (शनिवार) द्वादशी श्राद्ध
२१ सितम्बर (रविवार) मघा श्राद्ध , त्रयोदशी श्राद्ध
२२ सितम्बर (सोमवार) चतुर्दशी श्राद्ध
२३ सितम्बर (मंगलवार) सर्वपित्रू अमावस्या

 September 1, 2014 

Pitra tarpan on Pitra Paksha 2014

Pitra Tarpanam

Pitra Paksha begins from September ninth - twenty third, IST and is extremely favorable for praying for the liberation of ancestors. This era can be used for relieving the sins performed in opposition to ladies, injustice and dishonest, acts finished crossing the taboo boundaries etc. Visualizing and providing prayers to ancestors throughout Pitra period will bring relief in all walks of life, particularly wellbeing and wealth. This can convey numerous blessings for the lineage.

Your Ancestors will stick with you through the two week period referred to as Pitra Paksha. This necessary period is seemed even by enlightened yogis and rishis to obtain the blessings from their very own ancestors. Ancestors have an awesome influence in our life they usually govern our destiny.

Pitra Paksha begins on September ninth and ends on September twenty third. The year 2014 is special for Pitra Amavasya since the fifteen day course begins when the Sun is in its own sign Leo and the Sun is a planet of pitrus.

On September 9th, the planet Jupiter aspects the Moon, which is taken into account very fortunate. Hence, performing Tarpanam on the 1st day of Pitra Paksha is equally propitious as Pitra Amavasya. Another planet that counts your deeds towards ancestors is Saturn and this year, Saturn is exalted. Astrologically, this Pitra Paksha is fortified with worthy planetary strengths and performing rituals on these days might help you get the blessings of the ancestors.

Pitra Paksha and Ancestors

To Live a Successful and Relaxing Life, we should always obtain blessings from our ancestors and usually there are two most important causes for obstacles:

Obstacles the result of Navagrahas (9 Planets)

Obstacles the result of our Ancestral Spirits

Generally, ancestors who've departed with unfulfilled wishes are if we fix the above mentioned obstacles, we can lead a relaxing life. Performing Tarpanam is the perfect means for helping departed family members and ancestors and it may also change our fortune.

Our Ancestors live in ancestral world (Pitra loka) and so they can help in solving obstacles related to money, profession, wellbeing, relationship,etc., quite simply. Communicate and reconnect along throughout this Pitra paksha.

 August 31, 2014 

Benefits of mantra sadhana

Mantra To Be Like Lord Kuber
कुबेर के समान धन धान्य प्राप्ति करने का मन्त्र
ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं नमो भगवते धनं देहि देहि ॐ
Om Hreem Shreem Namo Bhagwate Dhanam Dehi Dehi Om

Mantra For Sudden Wealth
आक्स्मिक धन प्राप्ति मंत्र
ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं ह्रीं नमः
Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Namah:

Mantra To Raise The Higher Consciousness
शीघ्र ध्यानस्थः होने का मन्त्र
ॐ क्रीं ह्रीं हुं आं ॐ
Om Kreem Hreem Hum Aam Om

Mantra To Buy a New Home or Land or Property
घर खरीदने का मन्त्र
ॐ ह्रीं वसुधालक्ष्म्यै नमः
Om Hreem Vasudhalakshmayee Namah:

Mantra To Curb The Activities of Enemies
शत्रु स्तंभन मन्त्र
ॐ क्लीं काली शत्रु शमनं कुरु कुरु फट्
Om Kleem Kali Shatru Shamanam Kuru Kuru Phat

Mantra For Interest In Studies
विद्या प्राप्ति में कठिनाई का मंत्र
ॐ ऐं क्रीं ऐं ॐ
Om Aim Kreem Aim Om

Annapurna Mantra
अन्नपूर्णा मन्त्र
ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं क्लीं अन्नपूर्णे स्वाहा
Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Annapurne Swaha

Mantra For Longevity
आयु वृद्धि मन्त्र
ॐ ऐं दीर्घायुष्यं सिध्यै ॐ नमः
Om Aim Dirghaayushyam Sidhayee Om Namah:

Mantra For A Wonderful Child
संतान सुख प्राप्ति मन्त्र
ॐ नमो भगवते पुत्र सुखं साधय कुरु कुरु नमः
Om Namo Bhagwate Putra Sukham Sadhay Kuru Kuru Namah:

Mantra To Control Son or Daughter
संतान नियन्त्रण मन्त्र
ॐ ह्रीं ज्वलमालिनि पुत्रं वशय आकर्षय ॐ नमः
Om Hreem Jwalmalini Putram Vashya Aakarshay Om Namah:

Mantra To Remove The Fear of Accidents
दुर्घटना का भय समाप्त करने का मन्त्र
ॐ क्रीं कलिके ह्रूं फट् स्वाहा
Om Kreem Kalike Hroom Phat Swaha

Mantra To Get Employed
रोजगार प्राप्ति का मन्त्र
ॐ ह्रीं कार्य सिद्धिं ॐ नमः
Om Hreem Karya Siddhim Om Namah:

Mantra For Continuous Flow of Income
धन के निरन्तर आगमन का मन्त्र
ॐ श्रीं श्रीं महाधनं देहि ॐ नमः
Om Shreem Shreem Mahadhanam Dehi Om Namah

Mantra To Get The Grace Of Lakshmi
महालक्ष्मी कृपा प्राप्ति मन्त्र
ॐ ह्रीं श्रियं देहि महालक्ष्मी आगच्छ स्वाहा
Om Hreem Shriyam Dehi Mahalakshmi Aagach Swaha

Mantra To Get Fame & Prestige
यश सम्मान कि प्राप्ति का मन्त्र
ॐ ऐं कीर्ति ऋद्धिं देहि देहि ॐ
Om Aim Kirti Riddhim Dehi Dehi Om

Mantra To Excel In Business Related To Machines & Tools
मशीन सम्बन्धित व्यापार कि वृधि के ळिये मन्त्र
ॐ वं विश्वकर्मा आगच्छ साधय ॐ
Om Vam Vishwakarma Aagach Sadhay Om

Mantra To Increase the Occupation Related To Medicines & Surgery
चिकित्सा सम्बन्धित व्यापार कि वृधि के ळिये मन्त्र
ॐ ह्रीं ह्रौं ह्रां ह्रः ॐ नमः
Om Hreem Hraum Hraam Hraa: Om Namah:

Mantra To Control Anger
क्रोध् शान्ति का मन्त्र
ॐ क्रीं क्रोधं संहरय वशय ॐ फट्
Om Kreem Krodham Sanharya Vashya Om Phat

Mantra For Magnetic Personality
स्वयम् के व्यक्तित्व में विशेषता लाने का मन्त्र
ॐ श्रीं ईं श्रियं साधय फट्
Om Shreem Eem Shriyam Sadhay Phat

Mantra To Remove Enemies
शत्रु संहारक मन्त्र
ॐ क्लीं ह्रीं ऐं शत्रुनाशाय फट्
Om Kleem Hreem Aim Shatrunashay Phat

Mantra For Great Married Life
पति पत्नी परस्पर आकर्षन मन्त्र
ॐ ह्रीं मोहिते आकर्षय नमः स्वाहा
Om Hreem Mohite Aakarshay Namah Swaha

Mantra To Remove Obstacles In The Construction of Home or Building
घर निर्माण का मन्त्र
ॐ ऐं श्रीं ह्रीं कार्य सिद्धिं ॐ नमः
Om Aim Shreem Hreem Karya Siddhim Om Namah:

Mantra To Win Court Cases
मुकदमें मे विजय प्राप्ति का मन्त्र
ॐ ह्रूं शत्रून वशय विजय सिद्धिं ॐ फट्
Om Hroom ShatrunVashya Vijay Siddhim Om Phat

Mantra To Fulfill A Wish
मनोवानच्छितम ईच्छा प्राप्ति का मन्त्र
ॐ क्लीं चामुण्डे मनोवानच्छितम कुरु कुरु फट्
Om Kleem Chamunde Manovanchitam Kuru Kuru Phat

Mantra To Remove Obstacles In Life
आपतियों को दूर करने का मन्त्र
ॐ क्लीं आपद्उद्धरनाय फट्
Om Kleem Aapadudharanay Phat

Mantra for Increasing The Good Luck
भाग्योदय मन्त्र
ॐ ह्रीं भाग्योदय कुरु कुरु रुद्राय फट्
Om Hreem Bhagyouday Kuru Kuru Rudray Phat

Karya Siddhi Mantra
कार्य सिद्धि मन्त्र
ॐ ह्रीं कार्य सिद्धिं ॐ नमः
Om Hreem Karya Siddhim Om Namah:

Mantra To Remove Quarrels in The Home
क्लेश नाशक मन्त्र
ॐ क्लीं श्रं वं ॐ फट्
Om Kleem Shram Vam Om Phat

Mantra To Turn Negative Situations Into Positive
विपरीत स्थितः को अनुकूल बनाने का मन्त्र
ॐ श्रीं सौभाग्यं सुमङ्ग्लाय फट्
Om Shreem Saubagyam Sumanglay Phat

Mantra For Quick Marriage
शीघ्र विवाह करने का मन्त्र
ॐ क्लीं विवाह सिद्धिं ॐ ऐं फट्
Om Kleem Vivah Siddhim Om Aim Phat

 August 17, 2014 

Surya sadhana

Highly effective Surya sadhana of Lord Surya has the magnificent power to create a lifetime of abundance & fame with prosperity & austerity. Use Surya sadhana to obtain optimistic vibrations and style from the Lord Sun. This Surya sadhana has the therapeutic powers to get rid of illnesses and unfavorable impacts of any nature. The mom of Pandavas 'Kunti' used this Surya sadhana with some modifications to obtain an exquisite son 'Karan'. As per the Hindu Faith, Surya symbolizes the Sun God. Surya is taken into account as the one visible type of God that may be seen each day. God Surya is considered a facet of Shiva and Vishnu by Shaivites and Vaishnavas respectively. Surya is also called Surya Narayana. Surya, the Sun God can also be acknowledged as one of many eight types of Lord Shiva (Astamurti). Surya is the lord of excellence and wisdom.

Advantages of Surya sadhana

This highly effective Surya sadhana connects you with the upper frequencies of Lord Sun.

This Surya sadhana has the power to provide you complete wellbeing, abundance and fame.

This Surya sadhana improves your eyesight and removes all illnesses associated to eyes.

Divine grace of Lord Sun is surely obtained.

The way to chant this Surya sadhana

Begin from Sunday. Chant 7 Rosary of this Surya sadhana for 21 days for higher outcome.

Surya sadhana
ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः ॥
"Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryay Namah:"

 August 17, 2014 

Sabar pari sadhana for Slim waist

Do you think you're unwell of being overweight and to find a lot of clothes to determine which are too small on you? How to obtain slim evidently is very doable. Observe the sensible tips and proposals under so as to obtain the most effective outcome with out medicines or treatments. This Rati Saber sadhna is for ladies who want to obtain slimmer also to be beautiful in life. The saber sadhna additionally will increase the boldness level. This saber sadhana is an incredibly efficient and examined sadhana. This Pari sadhana is practiced for getting slim and having a complete waist line.

Sabar pari sadhana vidhi for Slim waist

Start from any auspicious day.
Put on red clothes for this purpose.
Worship Goddess Rati with incense & flowers.
Lit a pure ghee lamp sooner than the image of Goddess Rati.
Chant 3 rosary of this mantra dealing with north with sphatik mala.
Chant this mantra for 11 days.
Take one meal ones a day. After of entirety chant 5 instances of this mantra prior to taking any meal in life.

Sabar pari sadhana mantra for Slim waist