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Diksha for marriage

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    Ardhanarishwer diksha for husband-wife
    Ardhanarishvara means "the Lord (bhagawan) who's half woman." Ardhanarishvara can also be recognized...
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    Gandharva Diksha for marriage
    Mutual love and consent between bride and the bridegroom brings about this type of marriage. This type of marriage...
    $32 ... $41.29
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    Vivaha dosha nivaran diksha
    Vivah Dosha is understood by different names similar to Kuja Dosha, Bhom Dosha or Angarakha Dosha. It's a generally..
    $34.06 ... $44.38
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    Katyayani diksha
    Mata katyayani is the 6th form of Navdurga. Katyayani diksha is beneficial for Enhancing strength and courage, Winning over enemies, Protection from evil forces...
    $36.13 ... $46.45
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    Nav Durga diksha
    Nav durga are the nine divine feminine forces. Nav-durga diksha is beneficial for Protection from enemies and evil effects, Divine blessing from Mata nav-durga, Enhance power and strength...
    $28.90 ... $54.71
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    Shiva-shakti diksha
    Shiva-shakti is another name of God Shiva and Mata Parvati. Shiva-shaki diksha is beneficial for Happiness in married life, Blessing for good life partner, Good relations, Protection from enemies...
    $36.13 ... $50.58
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    Manasa devi diksha
    Manasa devi is considered as Goddess of snake and Male fertility. This diksha is beneficial for Wisdom, Fulfillment of all desires, Solves all problems, Harmony in life, Eliminates all obstacles...
    $36.13 ... $72.25