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 April 24, 2015 

Dattatreya sadhana to alleviate stress

This is often a sadhana dedicated to Guru Dattatreya which is specifically prescribed to students. This Dattatreya sadhana relieves the stress and stress which is felt before an examination. The sadhana also enhances reminiscence energy and will increase intelligence.

The Dattatreya sadhana must be recited 3 mala occasions before beginning your studies or before the beginning of the examination.

Dattatreya sadhana mantra to alleviate stress before an examination

ॐ दत्तात्रेय साक्षात्कराय नमः

om dattaareya saakshaatkaraay namaha

Dattatreya sadhana samagri to alleviate stress before an examination

Siddha dattatreya yantra

Siddha dattatreya yantra