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Acupressure Magnets

  • Acupressure magnet for body-1
    Acupressure magnets are charged by 1201 vastu mantra. It is very effective to cure various diseases, body aches and pains. The red color side refers North pole and the Blue side refers south pole of the magnet...
  • Acupressure pyramidal points magnets
    Acupressure pyramidal points magnets are energized by 1101 Vastu mantra. Pyramidal points helps to stimulate reflex points and nerves in the body to cure bodily ailments. Red color side indicates North pole...
  • Acupressure magnet with low power
    Acupressure magnet with low power is charged by 1001 vastu mantra. This low power magnet is beneficial for sensitive body parts like E.N.T problems, eye trouble, Headache...
  • Acupressure E.N.T magnet
    ​Acupressure E.N.T magnet is energized by 1200 Vastu mantra. It is specially designed for Ear, Nose and Thyroid problems and its highly effective for sensitive body parts...