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  • Daan (charity) for Wealth
    Donation to appease the Mata Lakshmi. It is beneficial for Wealth, Fortune and Prosperity...
  • Daan (charity) for Health
    Donation to appease the Lord Shankar. It is beneficial for Health, Removes diseases and Good life...
  • Daan (charity) for Education
    Donation to appease the Mata Saraswati. It is beneficial for Speech power, Sharp mind, Prosperity and Success...
  • Daan (charity) for Power
    Donation to appease the Maa Durga. It is beneficial for Gain power, Protection from enemies, Success as well as...
  • Daan (charity) for Success
    ​Donation to appease the Ganesha. It is beneficial for Success in any work, Growth in business, Prosperity...
  • Daan (charity) for Relationship
    Donation to appease the Kamdev. It is beneficial for True love, Good life partner, Happy married life...
  • Daan (charity) for Protection
    ​Donation to appease the Mata Kali. It is beneficial for Protection, Security of Family and Peace...
  • Daan (charity) for Family peace
    Donation to appease the Shivji. It is beneficial for Security of family, Peace making, Removes obstacles and...
  • Daan (charity) for Healing chronic diseases
    ​Donation to appease the Dhanvantri. It is beneficial for Recovering from Physical/Mental problems, Solving severe diseases...
  • Daan (charity) for Success in marriage
    ​Donation to appease Mata Katyayani devi (6th Form of Maa Durga). It is beneficial for Removing Obstacles in marriage...
  • Daan (charity) for Removing debt
    Donation to appease Mata Kankdhara lakshmi. It is beneficial for Get rid of loans, Wealth gaining and Income in business...
  • Daan (charity) for Promotion in career
    Donation to appease Lord Ganesha. It is beneficial for Removing difficulties in promotions, Success in work profession...
  • Daan (charity) for Protection from enemy
    ​Donation to appease Lord Bhairav. It is beneficial for Prevent any impact by enemy, Protection against obstacles and Security...
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