Chalisa paath

  • Bhairav chalisa
    Bhairav is definitely an incarnation (avatar) of Lord Shiva. Lord Bhairav is usually worshipped by tantriks and yogis to gain various..
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  • Durga chalisa
    Divyayogashop skilled priests (Pandit) will carry out Durga chalisa as per vedic methods based on birth details. The Durga chalisa..
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  • Ganesha chalisa
    Individuals who do the ganesha chalisa with Vedic texts are bestowed with wealth, health and success...
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  • Gayatri chalisa
    Gayatri known as Vedamatha, the mother of all Vedas. An individual totally dedicated to Gayatri recitation are able to do great..
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  • Ganga chalisa
    Ganga river referred to as Ganga Maata or Mother Ganges is well-regarded like a deity whose purity cleanses the sins of the devoted..
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  • Hanuman chalisa
    Lord (bhagawan) Hanuman is the 11th incarnation (avatar) of lord (bhagawan) Shiva often known as avatar...
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  • Hanuman bajarang ban
    Bajrang Baan is a strong prayer to Lord Hanuman. The recitation of the Bajrang Baan, is alleged to get rid of the burden..
  • Krishna chalisa
    Shri Krishna Chalisa is extremely helpful for accomplishing success in these..
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  • Kali chalisa
    Maata kali chalisa protects someone from Continuous health issue deadly illnesses...
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  • Lakshmi chalisa
    Through getting this exclusive Lakshmi chalisa conducted by Divyayogashop he or she will advancement speedily upward, will get..
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  • Ram chalisa
    Rama chalisa procedure: Rama chalisa invocation mantra, Invocation mantras of all major deities...
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  • Shiv chalisa
    Shiv chalisa help you take away obstacles in life. As well as getting rid of obstacles, Shiva chalisa also assists...
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  • Shani chalisa
    Shani chalisa is completed to calm planet Saturn. Saturn chalisa is looked for mental calm and to remove many disorders..
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  • Shyam chalisa
    People who desire children, achievement in activities, sophisticated enjoyment and the ultimate liberation shall attain it by ..
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  • Saraswati chalisa
    Saraswati Chalisa procedure: Saraswati invocation mantra, Invocation mantras of all major deities, Saraswati chalisa paath, Saraswati..
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  • Shitala mata chalisa
    Shitala (Sheetla) Ashtami is often known as Basauda in north India. Eating stale meals are stopped up after this day. It's thought ..
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  • Santoshi chalisa
    Santoshi Goddess entered the pan-Indian Hindu pantheon and her images and shrines were integrated in Hindu temple (mandir)...
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  • Sai chalisa
    Sai baba chalisa beneficial for gaining spirituality, family peace, success in relationship life...
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  • Vindhveshwari chalisa
    Vindhyavasini is often known as Vindhyachal Devi, Vidhyeshwari Devi in north India. It's thought that worshipping Vindhyavasini..
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  • Gajendra moksha paath
    To get rid of debt and curse no rituals are considered from Gajendra Moksha paath. Through this ritual, the devotee
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