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 June 2, 2016 

Guru Pushya yog 2016

Thursday 09 June 2016

On the list of propitious nakshatra among constellations, one of the luck increasing star, one of the wealth giving star is Pusya. When Pushya nakshatra falls on Thursday or guruwaar or veerwaar then it is known as "guru pushya yoga. This yoga is so much essential that religious disciples, tantric and other scholars wait for this fortunate day whole the year. When this auspicious time take place in shukla paksha then for sure implausible works are completed. Guru pushya nakshatra means when pushya nakshtara falls on a Thursday. This yoga is also called guru pushya amrit yoga.

Guru Pushya yoga is deemed very auspicious for the following events:

  • foundation stone laying of new building
  • learning mantra and tantra and acquisition of knowledge from father, grandfather, guru or a educated person
  • inaugural ceremony of new store / workplace
  • purchase of gold and jewellery is very auspicious
  • purchasing for a new vehicle
  • buying new house or shifting to new house
  • getting into big deals is deemed fruitful
  • Get diksha from guru
  • Get any puja service for success on this day