• Health report
    Divyayogashop astrologers helps to determine your favorable and unfavorable phases in life on basis of your kundali (horoscope), it will benefits you in taking precaution...
  • Ask question on health
    You can ask any question related to your health, divyayogashop astrologer uses horary astrology to provide solution of your particular queries...
  • Gems recommendation report for health
    Gemstone for health is beneficial for curing disease, good health, mental health and positivity. Divyayogashop helps in suggesting gemstone which are beneficial...
  • Favorable time for Health procedures
    ​Divyayogashop astrologers helps to determine auspicious period for health procedure in life according to your kundali (horoscope). It benefits in taking precaution against misfortune...
  • Remedies report for health
    Remedies report for health is beneficial for curing health related problems, taking precaution against misfortune, life-longevity, provides good health and happiness in life...
  • Health with life prediction report
    ​Health with life prediction report is beneficial for taking precaution against calamities, life-longevity, curing diseases, remedies for removing health related problems...
  • Mahamrtyunjai yantra for health
    This Mahanrityunjai yantra is charged by 5001 Mahanrityunjai mantra. Mahanrityunjai yantra, the greater Death-Conquering yantra relates to Rudra as based in the Rig Veda.
    $9.29 ... $15.48
  • Dhanvantari yantra for health
    Dhanvantari (धनवंतरी) is an Avatar of Vishnu from the Hindu tradition. He seems in the Vedas and Puranas...
    $9.29 ... $15.48
  • Mahamrtyunjai havan for health
    Mahanrityunjai havan, the greater Death-Conquering havan relates to Rudra as based in the Rig Veda. Mahanrityunjai factually means the greater winning over death. Its involving Lord shiva
    $82.58 ... $185.80
  • Dhanvantari havan for health
    ​Dhanvantari havan is carried to worship Lord dhanvantari. It is beneficial for curing all diseases, good health, controls blood pressure, removes sorrows and anxiety, life-longevity, safety from unnatural calamities...
  • Mahamrtyunjai Kavach for health
    This Mahanrityunjai kavach​ is charged by 11000 Mahanrityunjai mantra. Mahanrityunjai kavach, the greater Death-Conquering kavach is devoted to Rudra as based in the Rig
    $145.54 ... $618.29
  • Dhanvantari kavach for health
    This Dhanvantari Raksha Kavach is charged by 11000 Lord Dhanvantari Mantra. Lord Dhanavantari is...
    $124.90 ... $257.02