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शिवानंद दास जी के मार्गदर्शन मे

2 Days


This shivir has been postponed due to corona virus.

Hypnotise yourself and others

मुंबई के निकट वज्रेश्वरी मे दो दिन का हिप्नोटिझम साधना शिविर संपन्न होने जा रहा है. इसमे मनोवैज्ञानि्क व मंत्र पद्धति से साधना संपन्न करवाई जा रही है. इसमे पहली बार दो पद्धतियो का उपयोग होने जा रहा है. इसमे सेल्फ हिप्नोसिस, संमोहन विधि, त्राटक और उसके उपयोग प्रैक्टिकल रूप से करवाये जा रहे है. साथ मे ५१००० से लेकर १२५००० के बीच मंत्र जाप व हवन संपन्न होगा.स्वयं तथा दूसरो को को हिप्नोटाईज करके अपनी व दूसरो की हर तरह की मानसिक समस्याओ को दूर करे...

Learn Hypnosis for yourself and others with psychology.

(Amid the current situation prevailing in our Country due to COVID-19, we have to postpone the 'Hypnotism Shivir- 21st & 22nd March' at Vajreshwari to a further undecided date!!)

We regret for the inconvenience caused but Safety comes first. You will be notified in advance regarding the rescheduled date for the Shivir!!

हिप्नोटिज्म सीखकर स्वयं तथा दूसरों की हर तरह की मानसिक समस्या पर उपचार करे! जैसे कि...

डर- हीन भावना - निराशा- कहना न मानना - बुरी आदत - बुरी संगत - पढाई का डर, परिक्षा का डर, पढकर भूल जाना - धूम्रपान - मद्यपान - वजन की समस्या - अत्यधिक खाने की आदत - अत्यधिक क्रोध - चार ब्यक्ति के सामने बात न कर पाना - तुतलाहट - बिस्तर पर पेशाब कर देना - डिप्रेशन - हिस्टीरिया तथा सैकडो प्रकार की मानसिक समस्या पर हिप्नोसिस द्वारा उपचार से लाभ ज्यादा मिलता है.

Marketing- Weight loss - Calm nerves- Quitting smoking- Depression - Pain - Bad habits - Weak memory- Negative thought and much more..

अगर आप इस साधना में प्रत्यक्ष आकर सीखना चाहते है तो इस साधना मे भाग लेने के लिये बुकिंग कर सकतें है.

Pickup point-(8am) Hotel Hardik place, opp mira road railway station east. Mira road.

Shivir Location- https://goo.gl/maps/AWUTZNAyjky


Fees 8000/- Including- Sadhana samagri Sammohan Yantra, Sammohan mala, Sammohan parad gutika, Siddha asan, Siddha Chirmi beads, Gomati chakra, Tantrokta nariyal, Siddha Rakshasutra, Siddha Rudraksha and more.) + Diksha by Guruji+ Room Stay with Complementary Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. (Husband-wife 12000/-) Call for booking- 919702222903 / 7710812329

(Asthma patients are not allowed for this course) (Separate batch for doctor) (Certificate Course)

Yantra Planet

Bhojpatra Yantra for kundali related Doshas

Divyayoga shop provide all kind of bhojpatra yantra for removing kundali related dosha like surya bhojpatra yantra, chandra bhojpatra yantra, mangal bhojpatra yantra, budha bhojpatra yantra, guru bhojpatra yantra, shukra bhojpatra yantra, shani bhojpatra yantra, kalsarpa bhojpatra yantra, navgrah bhojpatra yantra, pitra dosha bhojpatra yantra, chandal dosha bhojpatra yantra, vyatipat bhojpatra yantra, mangalik bhojpatra yantra, sade-sati bhojpatra yantra, ganda mool bhojpatra yantra, tripandi shraddha bhojpatra yantra, markesha bhojpatra yantra.

We have two size Bhojpatra Yantra (2x2'' and  3x3'')

  • Navgrah bhojpatra yantra
    This Siddha Navgrah Bhojpatra Yantra charged by  Navgrah mantra.  Navgrah Bhojpatra Yantra is a combined Yantra for all the nine planets and is divided into nine squares, every one with a talisman representing one planet...
    $14.59 ... $16.54
  • Kalsarpa bhojpatra yantra
    This Siddha Kalsarpa Bhojpatra Yantra charged by Shiva and Rahu, Ketu mantra. Kalsarpa’ is an astrological condition, which ends from the affect of Rahu and Ketu on the remaining planets, in the birth chart of an individual. ..
  • Chandra bhojpatra yantra
    This Siddha Chandra Bhojpatra Yantra charged by  Chandra mantra. Chandra Yantra, because the name signifies, negates the malefic impact of the Moon. Malefic effects of Moon are Urinary diseases,...
  • Mangal bhojpatra yantra
    This Siddha Mangal Bhojpatra Yantra charged by Chandra mantra. Chandra Yantra, Mangal Bhojpatra Yantra helps the worshipper to beat the above difficulties and one succeed in all his efforts to achieve desires and lead a comfortable life...
    $14.59 ... $20.43
  • Budh bhojpatra yantra
    This Siddha Budh Bhojpatra Yantra charged by Budh mantra. Budha Yantra. When Mercury is malefic, the usage of mercury Yantra/Budh Bhojpatra Yantra could be very benefice and favourable...
    $14.59 ... $20.43
  • Shukra bhojpatra yantra
    This Siddha Shukra Bhojpatra Yantra charged by Budh mantra. Shukra Yantra. This Bhojpatra Yantra is used to appease the planet Venus. When Venus is malefic, the use of Venus Yantra/Shukra Bhojpatra Yantra could be very benefice and favourable. ..
    $14.59 ... $20.43
  • Shani bhojpatra yantra
    This Siddha Shani Bhojpatra Yantra charged by Shani mantra. Shani Bhojpatra Yantra Saturn is the son of Sun god and Chaya (Sanvarna). He's considered as a merciless planet. The cruelty, which he possesses in his sight, is due to the curse he obtained from his wife...
    $14.59 ... $20.43
  • Surya bhojpatra yantra
    This Siddha Surya Bhojpatra Yantra charged by  Surya mantra. Sun stands for power and authority. When one is disadvantaged of happiness through termination of service, suspension or by opponents or diseases etc.,...
    $14.59 ... $20.43
  • Rahu bhojpatra yantra
    This Siddha Rahu Bhojpatra Yantra charged by Rahu mantra. When Rahu (Dragon's Head) is malefic in the chart or horoscope, Rahu Bhojpatra Yantra/ Dragon's Head Yantra is kept in the home or pocket to negate the malefic effects of the Planet...
    $14.59 ... $20.43
  • Ketu bhojpatra yantra
    This Siddha Ketu Bhojpatra Yantra charged by Ketu mantra. Ketu Yantra is used to remove the malefic effects of Ketu. When Ketu is malefic, using Ketu Bhojpatra Yantra is spiritually very benefice and favourable. Ketu Yantra helps and indicates success in enterprise, Victory over enemies..
    $14.59 ... $20.43
  • Pitra dosha nivaran yantra
    This Pitra Dosh bhojpatra yantra charged by Vishnu mantra. Pitra Dosh happens when the soul of our ancestors and departed forefathers doesn't get peace (shanti) as a consequence of any of the following primary cause, and there could also be others....
    $15.28 ... $21.40
  • Sade sati-bhojpatra yantra
    Sade-sati Bhojpatra yantra which accurately means seven and a half is the 7½ years long interval of Saturn (Shani), getting into the zodiac sign as per the moon Rashi. Shani takes 30 years to traverse all the 12 rashis....
    $15.28 ... $17.32