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Pradosh Puja

Pradosh vrat/pujan

Pradosh Day Benefits
Somvar Pradosh (Som Pradosh) Monday Fulfill all wishes
Mangalvar Pradosh (Bhaum Pradosh) Tuesday Fee from diseases
Budhvar Pradosh Wednesday Success in any task
Guruvar (Brahaspati) Pradosh Thursday Free from enemy
Shukravar Pradosh Friday Increasing luck
Shanivar Pradosh (Shani Pradosh) Saturday Get rid of child related problems
Ravi Pradosh Sunday Health
  • -20%
    Som pradosh puja for fulfill wishes
    A favorable day devote Lord Shiva, Pradosha happens twice in a conventional Hindu month. Also referred to as...
    $114.57 $91.70
  • -20%
    Bhauma Pradosh puja for free from disease
    Pradosh Vrat is a quick that's noticed by Hindus throughout the interval of twilight. Pradosh Vrat can also be...
    $114.57 $91.70
  • -20%
    Shani pradosha puja for child related problems
    On the day earlier than Udyapan Lord (bhagawan) Ganesha must be worshipped. Devotees have to remain awake...
    $114.57 $91.70
  • -20%
    Guru pradosha puja for free from enemy
    Pradosham is a specific window of time that occurs...
    $124.90 $100
  • -20%
    Budhvar pradosh puja for success in task
    BUDH is taken into account as the best among the many wisest. It's the neighboring planet to sun and it's the negligible within the photo voltaic system...
    $114.57 $91.70
  • -20%
    Shukravar pradosh puja for luck
    Pradhosha Vrat is a extremely favorable day dedicated to Lord (bhagawan) Shiva. Pradosha happens twice a month - throughout the waxing moon fortnight..
    $114.57 $91.70
  • -20%
    Ravivar pradosh puja for health & fame
    Ravivar Vrat in Hindu Faith is devoted to Surya, the Sun God in Hinduism. The popular perception is that observing Sunday fasting determination assist ..
    $114.57 $91.70
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