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Spiritual Gift Store

Spiritual Gift

spiritual gift store

Divyayogashop offer many spiritual gifts like kuber kunji, shani shanti gift box, badha nivaran gift box, lakshmi gift box, lakshmi dhan varsha gift box, panchamukhi hanuman gift box, nazar kavach gift box, one mukhi rudraksha gift box, sarva badha mukti gift box, shivshakti rudraksha kavach gift box, hanuman mahayoha gift box, kalsarp darshan gift box.

  • Kuber Kunji
    This Kuber Kunji has been charged by Lord Kuber mantra, Lord Kuber is the Lord of all the Treasures on earth and even rules over the riches buried and unclaimed inside the earth...
  • Out of stock
    Kuber Dhan-lakshmi varsha yantra
    Kuber dhan lakshmi varsha yantra is charged by 1200 kuber-lakshmi mantra. It benefits in Increase in income, Success in task, Progress in profession, Prosperity in life and Happiness...
  • Siddha hanuman mahayog yantra
    Hanuman mahayog yantra is energized by 1200 hanuman mantra. This yantra is benefits for protection from ghosts and evil, enhance strength, confidence, success in every task...
  • Shani shanti box
    Shani shanti box is charged by 1101 Shani mantra. It is beneficial for removing planetary effects of shani, protection from enemies and evil eye, Success in work, eliminates all obstacles...
  • Sarva badha mukta yantra
    Sarva badha mukti yantra is energized by 1001 Shiv mantra. It benefits in removing obstacles, misfortune, security from unnatural calamities, all round success, mind peace, happiness...
  • Shiva Shakti rudraksha kavach
    Shiv-shakti rudraksha kavach is charged by 1001 Shiv-shakti mantra. It is beneficial for happiness in relation, fulfillment of desires, increase in strength and confidence, good health...
  • Shiva shakti vidya kavach
    Shiv-shakti vidya kavach is energized by 1001 shiv and parvati mantra. It benefits in increasing memory, mental stability, success in tasks, removes obstacles, intelligence...
  • Najar kavach gift
    Najar kavach gift energized by 1100 bhairav mantra. It gives protection from evil effects, removes evil eye, relief from all obstacles and problems, success in every task, safety from incidents...
  • Swastik pyramid Yantra
    This swastik pyramid yantra is charged by ganesh mantra. It benefits like reduce distress pain, decreast...
  • Swastik yantra
    This Swastik Yantra​ is charged by Ganesha mantra. This siddha Swastik Yantra manufactured by us is...
    $7.23 ... $14.45
  • Vastu purush yantra
    ​This vastu purush yantra is charged by vastu mantra. Vastu is a full understanding of direction, geography...
    $7.23 ... $14.45
  • Out of stock
    Shree pyramid yantra stand
    This shree yantra puramid with stand charged by mahavidya shodashi mantra. This Shri Yantra...
  • Ashtadhatu pyramid
    This ashtadhatu pyramid charged by shree ganesha mantra. We make this ashtadhatu Pyramid, utilizing prime...
  • Vastu kuber vyapar pyramid yantra
    This Vastu kuber vyapar pyramid yantra​ is charged by vashtu and kuber mantra. ​It accommodates 5 yantra in the...
  • Kuber Vyapar Yantra on Tortoise
    This kuber yantra on Tortoise ​charged by kuber mantra. This siddha Kuber Yantra if placed on the back of...
  • Vayapar braddhi yantra on Tortoise
    This Vayapar braddhi yantra on Tortoise​ charged by lakshmi-kuber mantra. Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra placed on...
  • Shree Yantra on Tortoise
    Shree yantra on Tortoise ​ charged by tripur shodashi mantra. Shri (Shree) Yantra with Tortoise for Prosperity...
  • Brass Pyramid shree yantra on Tortoise
    ​This Brass Pyramid shree yantra on Tortoise​ is charged by mahavidya shodashi mantra. This high...
  • Shri Hanuman Chalisa Kavach Locket
    This shree hanuman chalisa pendent is charged by 11000 Panchamukhi hanuman mantra. After years of devoted analysis, the Shri Hanuman Chalisa Pendent have been created as a Devotional Pendant of immeasurable worth
    $51.61 ... $104.25