Special mala for relationship

  • Katyayani rosary
    The sixth type of Durga is Katyayani Devi. There was a fantastic sage by the identify of Kata and his...
    $27.87 ... $32
  • Durga kavach rosary
    The Shri Durga Kavach is a group of shlokas as of the Markandey Purana. It's one limb forming a part of the...
    $29.93 ... $35.09
  • Susheela rosary for success in relationship
    Susheela Mala, that is a really highly effective mala for ladies to have management over their erring husbands..
    $25.81 ... $29.93
  • Sheegra Vivaha rosary
    Shighra Vivaha Yantra is worshiped to get married at proper age. It additionally will increase the probabilities of getting married. It has the facility..
    $30.97 ... $36.13
  • Dampatya Sukh rosary
    Married life or the opposite, each couple has a unique tale of the bodily Snwandon. Women and men expertise...
    $25.81 ... $28.90