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Vrat Katha Paath

  • 16 Somvar vrat katha paath
    16 Somvar Vrat Legend Certain Hindu women fast for sixteen Mondays in a row to please Shiva...
  • 16 Shukravar santoshi mata vrat katha
    16 Shukravar vrat katha paath procedure: Shiva invocation mantra, Invocation mantras of all major deities...
  • Budhwar vrat katha paath
    Budh or Mercury is thought to be the best among the wisest. It's the closest planet to sun and it is the littlest...
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  • Deepavali vrat katha paath
    Mahalakshmi is a deity of success and wealth. Prosperity is an important ingredient bestowed upon us for...
  • Guruwar vrat katha paath
    During the solar system, Guru, Brihaspathi or Jupiter as his generally well-known occupies the 2nd...
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  • Holi katha paath
    Holi katha paath reduce the malefic/evil effect of balarishta yog, chandal yog in kundali, to reduce the malefic...
  • Navratri vrat katha paath
    Navaratri is widely known four times a year. They're just Ashad Navaratri, the Ashwin Navaratri, the Magh...
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  • Mangalwaar vrat katha paath
    It is a well-liked fast, and is devoted Mahavir Hanuman, who rendered grand service to Lord (bhagawan)...
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  • Pradosh vrat katha paath
    Pradosh Vrat, which is also identified as Pradosham in South India, is noticed to hunt...
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  • Raviwar vrat katha paath
    Those keep Ravivar vrat fast on Sundays in the name of Surya Narayan or the Sun God. It is thought that...
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  • Shukrawar vrat katha paath
    The Shukravar Vrat Katha is dedicated to Shukra Dev (Planet Venus). On this present day Santoshi Mata...
  • Santoshi mata vrat katha paath
    See more about Santoshi mata vrat katha paath in our store
  • Somwar vrat katha paath
    This Somvar vrat katha is associated with Monday fast (vrat). Monday fast (vrat) is practiced to propitiate...
  • Satyanarayan vrat katha paath
    Sri Satyanarayana worship or Satyanarayan Vrat is a highly regarded ritual in heaps of components...
  • Shanivar vrat katha paath
    Shanivar (Saturday) is devoted to lord Shani (Saturn).The Saturday Shaniwar vrat fast keeps gone all of the...
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  • Sundar kand katha paath
    The Sundara Kanda varieties of the coronary heart of the Valmiki's Ramayana and consists of detailed...
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  • Sampurn ramayan katha paath
    Who listens Ramayan katha daily to this oldest epic, composed by Wise Valmiki, that is calculated to give...
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  • Shivratri vrat katha paath
    Based on Hindu mythology, rite of mahashivratri Vrat with discipline supports a disciple to manage the two great...
  • Vat-savitri vrat katha paath
    The Vat Savitri Vrat falls on the full moon day of the month of Jyeshtha, around May-June.The married...