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Yagya (Hawan)

Yagya (Homam)

  • Kamakhya havan
    Kamakhya Temple (mandir) is devoted to mata Sati, an embodiment of mata Durga and the consort...
    $56.77 ... $413.91
  • Papmochini havan
    Papamochani, often known as Papamochini Ekadashi or Papamocani Ekadashi, is noticed within the...
    $52.64 ... $155.86
  • Vindhyavashini havan
    Maa Vindhyavasini Devi Temple (mandir) is positioned in Vindhyachal, 8km removed from Mirzapur, and...
    $52.64 ... $155.86
  • Khodiyar Mata havan
    Khodiyar is a current Devi from our time. She is also referred to as a Charan Ni Dikri. (Charans are a caste in...
    $75 ... $199
  • Shreenathji havan
    Shrinathji is restricted because the deity symbolizes that form of Load krishna, while he lifted the Govardhan...
    $54.71 ... $114.57
  • Jalaram Bapa havan
    Jalaram Bapa was nevertheless not keen to dwell an householder's life and continued to care for his father's...
    $53.67 ... $114.57
  • Shri Vasiya havan for attraction
    Feeling like a fiasco when it comes to attracting women can be especially debilitating. You start to feel like you...
    $53.67 ... $114.57
  • Subramanya havan
    Lord (bhagawan) Subrahmanya is the principle deity of Subrahmanya. Whereas getting into the...
    $52.64 ... $93.93