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 October 13, 2014 

Mahalakshmi puja on Diwali 2014

On Diwali, Lakshmi Worship needs to be achieved throughout Pradosh Kaal which begins after sunset and roughly lasts for two hours and 24 minutes. Some sources suggest Mahanishita Kaal additionally to carry out Lakshmi Pujan. In our opinion Mahanishita Kaal is finest suited to Tantrik group and practising Pandits who know the very best about Lakshmi Worship throughout this particular time. For widespread individuals we suggest Pradosh Kaal Muhurat.

We don't advise to decide on Choghadiya Muhurat to carry out Lakshmi Pooja as these Muhurtas are good just for travelling. The very best time for Lakshmi Pujan is throughout Pradosh Kaal when Sthir Lagna prevails. Sthir means fixed i.e. not moveable. If Lakshmi Pujan is completed throughout Sthir Lagna, Lakshmiji will keep in your house; hence this time is a greatest for Lakshmi Worship. Vrishabha Lagna is considered as Sthir and largely overlaps with Pradosh Kaal throughout Diwali festivity.

We offer exact window for Lakshmi Worship. Our Muhurat instances contain Pradosh Kaal and Sthir Lagna whereas Amavasya is prevailing. We offer Muhurat based on location, therefore you want to choose your metropolis first prior to noting down Shubh Lakshmi Pujan timings.

Many communities particularly Gujarati businessmen do Chopda Pooja throughout Diwali Pooja. Throughout Chopda Worship new account books are inaugurated in presence of Goddess Lakshmi to hunt Her blessing for the following monetary year. Diwali Pujan is often recognized as Deepavali Pujan and Lakshmi Ganesh Pujan.