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Tvam Vaishnnavi Shaktiranant Veeryaa
VishvasyaBeejam Paramaasi Maayaa, Sammohitam
Devi! Samastametat Tvam Vei Prasannaa Bhuvi
Muktihetoh. Vidyaah Samastaastav Devi ! Bhedaah
Striyaah Samastaa Sakalaa Jagatsu, Tvayeikayaa
Pooritam-ambyeitat Kaa Te Stutih Stavyaparaa Paroktih.


O Goddess Bhagwati! You are all-powerful, the creator of this universe and absolute controller of all cosmic powers. O Mother, the whole world is part of your Maya and pleasing you can mean whole freedom from the cycle of delivery and death. All data is your gift to mankind and also you reside in every woman. In truth it’s you who energises the entire world and hence I bow to you.


There could be no doubt that it's the Mother Shakti who runs the entire world and when some danger seems too formidable to be tackled by humans and even the Gods, She manifests in an invincible form to take care of it and put an end to it. Of all the various types of the Mother, the Ten Mahavidyas are wonderfully exceptional, for successful Sadhana of even one among these ten can bring every thing in life that makes it worth living and enjoying.

Ask any Yogi, Tantrik or Sadhak and he wouldn't hesitate even a second in swearing that without the Siddhi of a Mahavidya one can't achieve totality in life; and it does not matter what sort of existence you might be leading -materials or spiritual.

To obtain a Mahavidya Sadhana and to accomplish it successfully is taken into account the greatest boon of a human life. These Goddesses can carry you all the pieces that you want for - well being, wealth, magnificence, completely happy marriage, children, prosperity, fame, energy and position. You just title it and you shall have it. Giving place to a Mahavidya in your life means opening new avenues to prosperity and totality, and what better time can there be to propitiate the Goddesses than the start of a New Year.

Therefore in form of Poojya Gurudev’s blessings we current right here six of those Ten Marvellous Sadhanas, which shall little question prove all the more helpful and helpful within the coming months the place unknown risks lurk and when we shall be preparing ourselves to enter the New Millennium.

  • Bestow of Absolute Power - Bhuvaneshwari Sadhana
    The title of the Mahavidya itself means the ruler of the world and a Sadhak of Bhuvaneshwari is at all times victorious on all fronts in life and turns into all-powerful...
  • Bhuvaneshwari Sadhana for wealth limitless
    The Sadhak who accomplishes this ritual turns into rich and powerful like Lord Indra! It is mentioned in “Rig Veda” that solely by means of the nice Karmas of previous lives and grace of the Guru can one obtain Bhuvaneshwari Sadhana (भुवनेश्वरी साधना)...
  • Chhinnamasta Sadhana  for destroy enemies
    ​Chhinnamasta sadhana is beneficial for victory over enemies, protection from evil deeds, removes black magic and evil eye, cures diseases, good health, progress in work, wealth gain, family safety, happiness...
  • Dhumavati Sadhana - Terrify in evil force
    The Sadhana of this Mahavidya might be performed on any moonless evening. After 10 p.m. take a bath, put on black robes and sit alone in a room dealing with South on a black worship mat...
  • Kali Sadhana for Grants all needs
    Sadhana is a simple manner of making the flower of spiritualism blossom in our lives. However the sheer variety of Sadhanas may leave one in a repair with regards to choosing...
  • Mahakali Sadhana
    Sadhna of Mahakali, essentially the most superior among ten Mahavidyas of Tantra, is like Kalpavriksha which confers early success in this Kalyuga..
  • Shamshanvashini Mahakali Sadhana
    Though some Bhoot prets or creatures of different Itar Yoni might be highly smart, nicely-mannered and nicely-disciplined however..
  • The Saviour-Mahakali Sadhana
    Mahakali has endlessly been worshipped as the saviour of excellent in its perpetual wrestle towards evil...
  • The Victory Giver - Bagalamukhi Sadhana
    The Mantra of the Goddess has the power of the divine weapon Brahmastra instilled in it and the Goddess simply strikes terror in and paralyses the enemies of her Sadhaks...
  • The Provider- Tara Sadhana
    Laxmi or wealth is mercurial in nature, by no means staying in one pocket or in a single house. To flow away is its inherent nature...
  • The Wealth Giver - Kamala Sadhana
    Dharma (proper action), Arth (wealth), Kaam (pleasures) and Moksha (fulfilment) are thought of the 4 basic pivots of a total and complete life...
  • Tripur Bhairvi Shapoddhar Sadhna
    Sadhak ought to set up Tripur Bhairvi Shapoddhar yantra of goddess Tripur Bhairavi in entrance of him. Sadhak ought to carry out..
  • Baglamukhi Sadhna for Enemies
    Mahavidya Baglamukhi Sadhana is a victory winner if you need to always face risks, enemies and adversities...
  • Baglamukhi Sadhna for Business
    n the cut throat competitors with the business world right now one must be ever vigilant, fast and daring...
  • Baglamukhi Sadhna for stop enemy activities
    Mahavidya Bagalamukhi is a deity of blackmagic and tantras. Mata Bagalamukhi smashes the devotee's...
  • Mata kali sadhana  to stop enemy Hassle
    Mahavidya Kali sadhana is very efficient and highly effective sadhana . The Kali sadhana is given by...
  • Bhadrakali uchchatan sadhana for stop addictions
    Unsuitable company of vile habits like drinking, gambling, drug habit can spoil one's life. So in case your son...
  • Shodashi sadhana for fulfill all desires
    Shodashi Tripura Sundari is one with the group of 10 goddesses of Hindu perception, jointly known as Mahavidyas...
  • Mata Bhuvaneshwari Sadhana for Riches and Material life
    "The person who doing this sadhana turns into rich and highly effective like Lord Indra!" It's mentioned...
  • Bhairavi sadhana for material comforts
    Mata Bhairavi possesses the effulgence of a thousand rising suns. She has 3 eyes and wears a jeweled...
  • Matangi sadhana for fulfill desires
    Desires never end. However some needs must be fulfilled for a significant existence. Marriage, baby...
  • Kamala sadhana for goodluck
    Deity Kamala is a personified power of Bhagawan Vishnu and a companion in all of the divine actions of...
  • Mata Kali vashikaran sadhana to appeal to employer for Promotion
    Generally there is a scenario when your success and promotion in the job depends upon your relationships...
  • Out of stock
    Victory winner Bagalamukhi sadhana
    The worship of Baglamukhi who is also famous as ‘Pitambara Vidya’ (yellow Colour is prominently used in her worship) for protection against the enemies and to defeat them, to get victory in the legal matters or court cases, to acquire wealth...
    On request
  • Dhumavati beej mantra sadhana
    Mata Dhumavati maintain seventh position among Das Mahavidya. Dhumavati beej mantra sadhana is very beneficial for sadhak in seeking from Mata Dhumavati...
  • Baglamukhi beej mantra sadhana
    Bagla beej mantra sadhana is carried for worshiping Mahavidya Mata Bhaglamuklhi. By performing this sadhana, sadhak get benefits in protection against enemies and evil...
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