Yantra- Attraction/Marriage

Gold plated Yantra for Attraction/Marriage

Divyayoga shop provide many kind of gold plated yantra for attraction or getting marriage like gold plated katyayani yantra, gold plated durga yantra, gold plated kumbha vivah yantra, gold plated parvati svayanver yantra.

  • Vashikaran gold plated yantra
    This Siddha Vashikaran gold plated Yantra charged by Vishnu  mantra. Vashikaran gold plated Yantra is probably the most highly effective and effective medium of Vashikaran and offers glorious results. It enchants...
    $14.58 ... $243.02
  • Katyayani gold plated Yantra
    This Siddha Katyayani gold plated Yantra charged by Katyayani mantra. Katyayani gold plated Yantra is...