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 September 1, 2014 

Pitra tarpan on Pitra Paksha 2014

Pitra Tarpanam

Pitra Paksha begins from September ninth - twenty third, IST and is extremely favorable for praying for the liberation of ancestors. This era can be used for relieving the sins performed in opposition to ladies, injustice and dishonest, acts finished crossing the taboo boundaries etc. Visualizing and providing prayers to ancestors throughout Pitra period will bring relief in all walks of life, particularly wellbeing and wealth. This can convey numerous blessings for the lineage.

Your Ancestors will stick with you through the two week period referred to as Pitra Paksha. This necessary period is seemed even by enlightened yogis and rishis to obtain the blessings from their very own ancestors. Ancestors have an awesome influence in our life they usually govern our destiny.

Pitra Paksha begins on September ninth and ends on September twenty third. The year 2014 is special for Pitra Amavasya since the fifteen day course begins when the Sun is in its own sign Leo and the Sun is a planet of pitrus.

On September 9th, the planet Jupiter aspects the Moon, which is taken into account very fortunate. Hence, performing Tarpanam on the 1st day of Pitra Paksha is equally propitious as Pitra Amavasya. Another planet that counts your deeds towards ancestors is Saturn and this year, Saturn is exalted. Astrologically, this Pitra Paksha is fortified with worthy planetary strengths and performing rituals on these days might help you get the blessings of the ancestors.

Pitra Paksha and Ancestors

To Live a Successful and Relaxing Life, we should always obtain blessings from our ancestors and usually there are two most important causes for obstacles:

Obstacles the result of Navagrahas (9 Planets)

Obstacles the result of our Ancestral Spirits

Generally, ancestors who've departed with unfulfilled wishes are if we fix the above mentioned obstacles, we can lead a relaxing life. Performing Tarpanam is the perfect means for helping departed family members and ancestors and it may also change our fortune.

Our Ancestors live in ancestral world (Pitra loka) and so they can help in solving obstacles related to money, profession, wellbeing, relationship,etc., quite simply. Communicate and reconnect along throughout this Pitra paksha.