Havan for health

  • Mahamrtyunjay havan
    Maha Mrityunjaya Havan/homam is maybe some of the efficient religious approach - the non secular technique of therapeutic - to outlive and rejuvenates a person or lady who's
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  • Vahan durghatana nashak havan
    Vahan durghatna nashak yantra may be very highly effective yantra to get safety from accidents/mishaps. 'Vaahan'...
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  • Anang havan
    This severity is said with the pooja of Lord (bhagawan) Shiva and commences on the thirteenth day of the intense...
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  • Dhanvantari havan
    The pooja of Lord (bhagawan) Dhanavantri (Vishnu) for well being is likely one of the most approved poojas within...
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  • Santan gopal havan
    Shiva is the destroyer among the many trinity (trideva) and is worshipped as their essential deity by tens...
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