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Sadhana for tantra mukti

Sadhana for removing blackmagik

sadhana for tantra mukti


sadhana for tantra mukti
  • -20%
    Rudra sadhana for evil spirit
    We're not alone on this infinite universe. This truth has now been accepted by science too. There are various...
    $84.28 $67.50
  • -20%
    Ugra Dhoomavati sadhana for stopping bad incidence
    Illegal use of Tantravidya or a Tantra Sadhana by several opponent can reason poverty, illness, quarrels and even fatality...
    $60.54 $48.50
  • -20%
    Dhumavati sadhana to  take away Black Magic
    Mahavidya Dhumavati directives the disciple alongside the religious path to assist him/her attain liberty, granting Siddihis...
    $71.35 $57.10
  • -20%
    Narasimha sadhna for removing obstacles
    Lord Narasimha is thought primarily because the 'Nice Protector' who particularly defends and protects...
    $55.79 $44.70
  • -20%
    Navnath sadhana for removing haunted place
    Jadoo-tona or Bhanamati is a term, which is used regularly in most Indian native to describe believed mystical phenomena, Voodoo and magical activity..
    $55.79 $44.70
  • -20%
    Kali kapalini sadhana
    ​Kali kapalini is a form of Mahavidya Mata Kali. By performing this sadhana, sadhak gets benefits in seeking blessing from Goddess kali, protection against all evil effects, victory...
    $71.22 $57
  • -20%
    Kali beej mantra sadhana
    Mata Kali 10 is considered as the first mahavidya of 10 Mahavidyyas. Mother Kali destroys all negative energy. And beneficial for...

    $66.47 $53.20
  • -20%
    Dakshinmurti sadhana for strong protection
    Dakshinmurti sadhana is for protection. It gives you protection for work, relationship, family, health, child, enemy, etc.....
    $35 $28
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