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Divyayoga shop provide many pujas like lakshmi pooja, saraswati puja, kubera pooja, lakshmi-kuber puja, mahamrtyunjai puja, dhanvantari puja, bhairav puja, batuk bhairav puja, durga puja, bhawani puja, vindhyachal devi puja, mangalik puja, vashikaran puja, kamdeva puja, chandi puja, katyayani puja, bagalamukhi puja, puja for health, puja for wealth, puja for spiritual, puja for enemy, puja for property, puja for task.

  • Kankali devi puja
    Kankali devi is referred to one of the form of Maa Kali (a fierce and most powerful form of Adi-Shakti), Kankali devi mandir is considered as one of the Shakipeeth...
  • Padmeshwer mahadev puja
    Padmeshwer mahadev is one of another name of Lord Shiva, He is one of principal and supreme deity of Hindu religion. Padmeshwer mahadev puja is carried for worshiping...
  • Saraswati shishu puja
    Mata Saraswati is the one of principal deity of Hindu religion, She is Goddess of knowledge, art, music, learning and wisdom. Saraswati shishu puja is carried...
  • Shreenathji puja
    Shreenathji is a form of Lord Krishna manifest as a 7 year old child while lifting Govardhan parvat for protection of Vrindhavan peoples. Shreenathji puja...
  • Radhe Krishna puja
    Lord Krishna is a one of avatar of Supreme Lord Vishnu. Aspect of Lord Krishna is completed only when the name of Radha is attached to his name, Radhe-Krishna are ultimate representation...
  • Jwala mata puja
    Jwala mata is the manifestation of Mata Sati (consort of Lord Shiva), She is also known as Mata Jwalamukhi. Jwala mata temple is believed to be the place where the...
  • Rin mukteshwer mahadev puja
    Rin mukteshwer mahadev is one of many names of Lord Shiva, By worshiping Rin mukteshwer mahadev devotees gets blessed with removal of all kind of debt from life...
  • Mangalnath puja
    Mangalnath puja is dedicated to Mangal (Mars) graha, This puja is very useful and beneficial for devotees having mangal dosha or wrongly placed mangal graha (mars)...
  • Chintamani ganesh puja
    Chintamani ganesh is one of the Ashtavinayak Ganesha (God of unity, wisdom, prosperity and success), Chintamani ganesha puja is performed for worshiping Ashtavinayak...
  • Gopal puja
    Gopal is stated to the child form of Lord Krishna. Gopal puja is performed to worship Lord Krishna and attain his blessing for child's protection and betterment...
  • Bal hanuman puja
    Bal hanuman is the child form of Lord Hanuman (God of strength and protector from all evils). Bal hanuman puja is for worshiping Lord Hanuman and attain his divine blessing...
  • Kalika devi kavach puja
    Kalika devi is one of the name of Mata Kali (Goddess of power and destroyer of all evil), She is considered as the most powerful form of Mata Shakti. Kalika devi is believed...
  • Jagannath puja
    Jagannath is described as a Lord of universe because the word "Jagannath" is a compound word, consisting of "Jagat" and "Nath". The word Jagat means the universe while...
  • Maya devi puja
    Maya devi is a form of Adi-Shakti. It is believed that the heart and naval of Mata Sati fell in this region, thus Maya devi temple is also considered as one of 51 Shaktipeeth...
  • Parshuram sanharak puja
    Parshuram was the 6th avatar of Lord Vishnu born in Brahmin family, he is regarded as Brahmin Kshatriya or a Brahmin warrior. Parshuram sanharak puja is carried...
  • Narayan kavach puja
    Narayan is one of the name referred to Lord Vishnu, he blesses his sincere devotees with protection against all miseries and adversities in life. Narayan kavach puja...
  • Neelkanth puja
    Lord Shiva consumed the poison and held it in his throat that emanated during the Samudramanthan (churning of the ocean), This poison made Lord Shiva's throat blue...
  • Dattatreya siddhidayak puja
    Dattatreya is considered as an combine avatar (incarnation) of Supreme trimurti Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, he is also considered as presiding deity of Nath...
  • Dattatreya mokshadayak puja
    Dattatreya is considered as an combine avatar (incarnation) of Supreme trimurti Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. He is represented with three heads signifying...
  • Maha mayajaal uchchaatan puja
    Maha mayajaal uchchaatan puja is very powerful and beneficial for attaining protection against all evil and harmful conspiracy done by hidden enemies causing obstacles...
  • Uchchhisth chinnamasta puja
    Mata Chinnamasta is one of Dasa Mahavidyas, also called as Chhinnamastika and Prachand Chandika. Sanskrit word 'Uchchhishtha' literally means leftover or remaining...
  • Balaji siddhidayak puja
    Balaji is one of the form of Supreme Lord Vishnu, also identified as Venkateshwara (the god who destroys all sins). The word "Venkata" means "destroyer of sins" and...
  • Naina devi puja
    Naina devi is considered as a one of form of Mata Sati (consort of Lord Shiva). Naina devi temple is believed to be the place where eye of Mata Sati fell, thus this place...
  • Hinglaj puja
    Hinglaj mata mandir is considered as one of main 51 Shakti-peeth of Mata Sati. It is believed that Hinglaj mata temple is the place where the head of Mata Sati fell, Here Hinglaj...
  • Lakshmi abaddh puja
    Mata Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. It is believed that Mata Lakshmi bestows her sincere devotees with wealth, health, prosperity and longevity in life...
  • Chamundeshwari puja
    Chamundeshwari is a fearsome form of Mata Chandi invoked to kill all evil, She is also one of Divine 7 Matrikas (Sapta-matrika). It is believed that Mata Chamundeshwari blesses...
  • Shiv moksha puja
    Shiv is one of Supreme trinity and principal deity of Hinduism. It is believed that by worshiping Lord Shiva, devotees attain moksha and salvation from all the sins and miseries in life...
  • Aghor rudra puja
    Aghor rudra is referred to the Supreme Lord Shiva (the Lord of all Gods and destroyer of all evil). It is believed that Aghor Rudra is the destructive force of all evils. Aghor rudra puja...
  • Balaji puja
    Balaji is one of the form of Supreme Lord Vishnu, also identified as Venkateshwara (the god who destroys all sins). The word "Venkata" means "destroyer of sins" and "Ishwara"...
  • Aghor mrityunjai puja
    Aghor mrtyunjai puja is dedicated to Lord Shiva, It is believed that Aghor mrityunjai mantra is very sacred and it means "victory over death". Aghor mrityunjai puja is very pious...
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