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Puja for Education

Puja for education 

Divyayoga shop provide many puja service for education related problems like saraswati puja, megha saraswati puja, puja, puja for speech power, puja sor lecture.

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    Neel Saraswati Puja
    Maata Neel Saraswati is form of Tara Mahavidya. goddess helps in achieving success, prosperity, Videsh Yog,  travailing security, job, new posting.  Tara as neel tara Or neel saraswati Aha the giver of wisdom...
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    Saraswati Puja
    Maata Saraswati (Sarasvati) is the spouse (consort) of Lord Brahma. Out of all teh God and Goddess she is the one who possesses the powers of speech, knowledge and learning....
    $150.06 ... $175.07
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    Dakshinmurti shiva puja
    Dakshinamoorty Shiva tantra based Pujan will give the blessing for the students going for higher education and research work. Dakshinamoorty Shiva..
    $168.25 ... $395.33
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    Hayagriva puja
    Hayagriva Pujan will defiantly give the greatest advantage here to the scholars in the subsequent way..
    $168.25 ... $511.97