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Divyayogashop provide many kind of Gomti Chakra related products  like gomati chakra for healing, gomati chakra bracelet, gomati chakra pendent, gomati chakra locket, gomati chakra mala, gomati chakra ring, gomati chakra for health, gomati chakra for wealth, gomati chakra for protection.

  • -15%
    3 Gomti chakra for protection
    3 Gomti chakra is charged by 1001 Sudarshan mantra. It gives benefits in protection from evil influences, safety from unnatural calamities, cures diseases, good health, victory...
    $14.45 $12.30
  • -15%
    Gomati Chakra for healing
    This Healing Gomati Chakra charged by Vaibhav-Lakshmi mantra which is beneficial for good luck, success in task. Worshipping of these Gomati chakras, obtained from the Gomati river in Dvaraka, is taken into account meritorious...
    $29.18 $24.90
  • -15%
    Gomti chakra bracelet
    Gomti chakra bracelet is energized by 1001 Sudarshan mantra. It is beneficial for good luck, removes misfortune, success in tasks, cures diseases, good health, controls blood pressure...
    $30.97 ... $36.13
  • -15%
    Gomti chakra ring
    Gomti chakra ring is charged by 1100 shri krishna mantra. It is beneficial for Success in tasks, Goals achievement, Security from evil deeds, Progress in profession, Prosperity...
    $11.35 ... $319.98
  • -14%
    Gomti chakra for health
    Gomti chakra is charged by 1101 Vishnu mantra. It is useful for curing diseases, good health, controls blood pressure, life-longevity...
    $7.23 ... $19.61
  • -15%
    Gomti chakra for wealth
    Gomti chakra is charged by 1001 Vishnu mantra. It benefits in progress in work, wealth gain, success in every task and materialistic comforts...
    $11.35 $9.70
  • -15%
    Gomati chakra kit for wealth
    This siddha gomati chakra is charged by shri krishna mantra. Gomti Chakra kit is a rare pure and religious product...
    $36.13 ... $61.93
  • -15%
    Big gomti chakra
    This Big gomti chakra is charged by sudarshan mantra. This big Gomti Chakra is known as a atypical natural and religious product, a form of shell stone. Gomti Chakra is located in gomti River in Dwarka..
    $36.13 $30.80