Navgrah diksha

  • Chandra diksha
    Chandra diksha is devoted to Lord (bhagwan) Chandra (moon), the Moon God. Grah Shanti Chandra (moon) diksha (Moon Worship) is advised to those, getting malefic Chandra (moon) or incorrectly placed moon...
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  • Mangal diksha
    Mangal Diksha or Mars diksha is dedicated to planet Mars. Grah Shanti Mangal diksha frees one from debts poverty and skin concerns. Here is a list of things related to Mangal (Mars). In Vedic Astrology...
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  • Budh Diksha
    Budha diksha or Mercury diksha is devoted to planet Mercury. Budha diksha on Wednesdays has various positive factors similar to getting rid of difficulties, vigorous offspring, having fertile...
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  • Guru (brahaspati) Diksha
    Guru or Brihaspati diksha is devoted to planet Jupiter. Grah Shanti Guru diksha (diksha of Jupiter) is advised to persons, getting malefic guru or wrongly placed Jupiter as per the indian astrology...
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  • Shukra diksha
    Shukra (Venus) Diksha is completed to pacify planet Venus. Grah Shanti Shukra Diksha is advised to persons, getting malefic shukra or incorrectly positioned Venus as per the the indian astrology..
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  • Shani diksha
    Shani Diksha is completed to appease planet Saturn. Shani Diksha (Diksha of Saturn) is probe for psychological calm also to do away with a range of illnesses. Next things are related to Shani (Saturn). In Vedic indian astrology...
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  • Surya diksha
    Surya Diksha or Sun Dikshais devoted to Lord (bhagwan) Surya. Surya Diksha or Diksha worship is advised to persons, getting malefic surya or incorrectly positioned sun as per the kundli. Here's a list of things...
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