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Special Yantra

Divyayoga shop provide many kind of special yantra ambaji yantra, annapurna yantra, santoshi mata yantra, saibaba yantra, siddhi vinayak yantra, baba kedar nath yantra, vindhyachal yantra, omkareshwer yantra, makaleshwer yantra, vaishno devi yantra, ashta vinayak yantra, trambkeshwar yantra, bhimashankar yantra, kamakhya yantra, sherowali yantra, maha ganesha yantra, shakti peeth yantra.

  • Ambaji yantra
    This Ambaji yantra charged by Durga mantra. Ambaji Yantra Yantra is used to worship of Mata Durga. This Ambaji yantra is a robust yantra for attaining needs, to remove difficulties..
  • Annapurna yantra
    Mata Annapurna is the Hindu Goddess of meals and diet and is taken into account because the sustainer of...
  • Ashta Vinayak ganesha yantra
    Ashtavinayaka actually means "eight Ganeshas" in Sanskrit. Bhagawan ganesha is the Hinduism/Hindu...
  • Adbhut lakshmi prapti yantra
    This Lakshmi Prapti yantra charged by lakshmi mantra. Lakshmi Prapti yantra Overcome all of your financial difficulties..
  • Bhavani yantra
    This Bhawani  Yantra charged by Durga mantra.  Mata Bhawani  is known as Durga. Bhawani  Yantra is carved on bhojpatra and is worshipped by Beej mantra notably throughout Navratras..
  • Baba kedarnath yantra
    Kedarnath is flanked by breathtaking snow-capped peaks, creation it essentially the most distant website among...
  • Bhoramdeo yantra for success in relationship
    Bhoramdeo mandir , is fixed on the stony stones within the Nagar method. The erogenous idols of this temple...
  •  Basistha (vashishtha) yantra for wisdom
    The Vasistha mandir is regionally known as as Basistha / Basistho. It's positioned on a hill by title Sandhyachal...
  • Bambleshwari yantra
    Maa Bamleshwari Devi had been intended and urbanized to supply Maa Bamleshwari Devi’s devotees (bhaktas)...
  • Banke Bihari yantra
    Banke Bihari and his parda encompass a romantic history. a princess from Rajasthan got here for...
  • Baba amarnath yantra
    Amaranth Cave was found by a Muslim marshal of Batakot, Buta Malik, when he lost his flock and located...
  • Boot-pret badha nivaran yantra
    This Bhot pret badha nivaran Yantra charged by Hanuman mantra. "Bhoot" and "Pret" mean ghosts...
  • Bagyodayi yantra
    This Bhagyoday yantra charged by Shree Ganesha mantra. The Bhagyoday Yantra is helpful for luck...
  • Chintamani yantra
    This Chintamani Yantra charged by Hanuman mantra. Chintamani yantra known as Shree Ganesha yantra...
  • Chinnamasta yantra
    Chinnamasta is a composite one, transmission actuality as an union of intercourse, loss of life, formation...
  • Chamundeswari yantra
    Mata Chamundeshwari supposed to be the incarnation (avatar) of Parvati, the companion of Lord Shiva...
  • Dakshin kali yantra
    This Dakshina Kali Yantra is charged by Kali mantra. This Powerful Yantra bestows on the sadhaka success of all his desires, wealth..
  • Dirgheshwari yantra
    Dirgheswari Dewalaya within the Dirgheswari hill or 'Sita parvati' live beside this .The nice solitary person Markanda...
  • Dashabhuja Ganapati yantra
    This is a superb mandir which has ‘Dashbhuja Ganapati’. This ‘Laxmi - Bhagawan ganesha mandir ’ will...
  • Dwarkadhish yantra
    Dwarkadhish could be very fascinating and likewise a standard to the rulers. Although he was the king he dominated...
  • Danteshwari yantra
    Dantewada area was referred to as Tarlapal. The kings of Chalukya Family made Barsur their capital and...
  • Durga saptasati yantra
    This Durga Saptshati Yantra is charged by Durga mantra. Durga Saptshati Yantra is use to achieve the bless of Goddess Durga...
  • Ekvira mata yantra
    Ekvira Mandir is a respected place for the native fishermen community. The deity that occupies...
  • Ghantakaran Yantra
    This Ghantakaran  Yantra is charged by Shree Ganesha mantra. Ghantakaran Yantra is a used to attaining..
  • Gorakhnath yantra
    Gorakhnath within the thousands and thousands of individuals throughout the world solely straight disciples...
  • Gajanan maharaj yantra
    Gajanan Maharaj recognized him by a number of names like Gin Gine Buwa, Ganpat Buwa, and Awaliya Baba...
  • Haridra Ganesha yantra
    This Haridra Ganesha Yantra is charged by Ganesha mantra. Haridra Ganesha is beneficial for better living...
  • Hayagriva Madhava yantra
    Hayagriva Madhava Mandir is located on the Monikut mount. The current mandir construction was created by the...
  • Hidimba Devi yantra
    Hidimba as she strutted throughout the space in her human being shape. She was a rakshasi, which destined...
  • Jivdani Mata yantra
    Jivdani Mata is an avatar of Adi Shakti Devi. The mount on which the holy place is positioned supplies a graphic view...
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