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Puja Articles Shop

Puja Articles for worship

Divyayoga shop provide all kind of puja articles like achamani spoon,  book stand, brass ghanti, brass thali, copper lota, copper plate, dhoopdani, gaumukhi, mangal kalash, om trishul.

  • -11%
    Book Stand for reading
    This Book Stand charged by Shree Ganesha mantra which is success in your task. Whether you've a must assist a Shastra, cookbook, Bible...
    $7 $6.20
  • -11%
    Puja Set
    See more about Puja Set in our store
    $9 $8
  • -12%
    Mangal kalash
    See more about Mangal kalash in our store
    $17 $15
  • -10%
    Om Swastik trishul
    ​Om swastil trisul is charged by 1101 shiv mantra. It is beneficial for protection from evil eye, success and increase in confidence...
    $1 ... $2
  • -12%
    Puja Cauki (Bajot)
    See more about Puja Cauki (Bajot) in our store
    $16 ... $17
  • -12%
    Brass Ghanti for Puja
    This Brass Ghanti charged by Shree Ganesha mantra. It remove negative forces from the realm...
    $70 $61.60
  • -10%
    Achamani Spoon
    See more about Achamani Spoon in our store
    $1 $0.90
  • -12%
    Puja Diya
    See more about Puja Diya in our store
    $4 ... $6
  • -11%
    Wooden slippers/Khadau
    This Wooden slippers/Khadau is charged by Navgrah mantra. Khadau is a kind of wooden slipper within the form of a flat wooden base with a toe hold sticking out...
    $14 $12.40
  • Out of stock
    See more about Dhoopdani in our store
    On request
  • -10%
    Pooja Bells (Ghanti)
    The Bell, identified in Sanskrit as the Ghanta/Ghanti is utilized in all poojas for invoking the Gods. The ringing of the bell produces what's regarded as an auspicious sound...
    $4 $3.60
  • -10%
    Steel achamani spoon
    See more about Steel achamani spoon in our store
    $1 $0.90
  • -10%
    Naag dan for kalsarp
    This iron and copper naag is charged by rahu and ketu mantra and beneficial for removing...
    $1 ... $2