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 May 28, 2014 

Type of Japa

Mantra marga or pujan via mantra primarily includes mantra japa or chanting of mantra. That is carried out in several strategies, type and levels. The repeated chanting of a mantra known as japa. There is 3 type wherein japa is completed:

Chanting the mantra loudly in a rhythm. That is known as Bahya jap (वाचिक जप). That is greatest fitted to suktas. In case of brief mantras which can be to be repeated many instances, it is seen as a preliminary/newbie’s stage of japa.

Not chanting aloud however it in a low voice or just recalling the mantra with lip movement. That is referred to as Upamsu japa (उपांशु जप).

Recalling the mantra inside, with out making any voice, lip motion or motion of tongue. That is known as Antarjapa (मानसिक जप). That is the state greatest recommended.