(Sat+Sun) 6th -7th July 2019 at Vajreshwari near mumbai.

125000 to 500000 Mantra jap and Purnahuti

अगर आप तंत्र बाधा के शिकार है? अगर आप बार बार बिमार होते है? अगर आप शत्रुओ से अत्यधिक परेशान है? अगर आपके कार्य मे हमेशा अडचने आ रही है? अगर आपके परिवार मे क्लेश है?

अगर इनका अनुष्ठान गोपनीय विधि के साथ किया जाय तो आपकी सभी प्रकार के समस्याये नष्ट होने लगती है. इसलिये इस साधना शिविर मे भाग लेना भी किसी सौभाग्य से कम नही है. इसलिये एक बार अवश्य जरूर इस शिविर मे भाग लेकर अनुभव जरूर प्राप्त करे!


Pickup point-(8am) Hotel Hardik place, opp mira road railway station east. Mira road.

Shivir Location- https://goo.gl/maps/AWUTZNAyjky

Fees 7500/- Including- Sadhana samagri (Kamakhya Yantra, Siddha Kamakhya Kundalini mala, Siddha Kamakhya kundalini parad gutika, Siddha asan, siddha shrangar, Siddha Chirmi beads, Gomati chakra, Tantrokta nariyal, Siddha Rakshasutra and more.) + Kamakhya Diksha by Guruji+ Room Stay with Complementary Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. (Husband-wife 10000/-)

Call for booking- 91 9702222903- 7710812329

Learn Hypnosis

शिवानंद दास जी के मार्गदर्शन मे

2 Days


Sat+Sun (29th-30th June. 2018) 9am to 6pm at Grand Hotel, Malad west- Mumbai

Hypnotise yourself and others

स्वयं तथा दूसरो को को हिप्नोटाईज करके अपनी व दूसरो की हर तरह की मानसिक समस्याओ को दूर करे...

Learn Hypnosis for yourself and others with psychology.

हिप्नोटिज्म सीखकर स्वयं तथा दूसरों की हर तरह की मानसिक समस्या पर उपचार करे! जैसे कि...

डर- हीन भावना - निराशा- कहना न मानना - बुरी आदत - बुरी संगत - पढाई का डर, परिक्षा का डर, पढकर भूल जाना - धूम्रपान - मद्यपान - वजन की समस्या - अत्यधिक खाने की आदत - अत्यधिक क्रोध - चार ब्यक्ति के सामने बात न कर पाना - तुतलाहट - बिस्तर पर पेशाब कर देना - डिप्रेशन - हिस्टीरिया तथा सैकडो प्रकार की मानसिक समस्या पर हिप्नोसिस द्वारा उपचार से लाभ ज्यादा मिलता है.

Marketing- Weight loss - Calm nerves- Quitting smoking- Depression - Pain - Bad habits - Weak memory- Negative thought and much more..

Hypnosis Seminar Booking

Fees 8000/- Including- Course materials with Complimentary Breakfast, Lunch, Tea.

Call for booking- 91 9702222903-7710812329 (Asthma patients are not allowed for this course) (Separate batch for doctor)

Spiritual Rings

Copper Spiritual Rings

Copper Religious Mudrika

Divyayogashop offer hundreds of variety of spiritual copper rings like lakshmi copper ring, saraswati copper ring, kuber copper ring, kamdev copper ring, rati-kamdeva copper ring, shree yantra copper ring, saibaba copper ring, hanuman copper ring, copper ring for wealth, copper ring for health, copper ring for protection, copper ring for attraction, copper ring for vashikaran, copper ring for business, copper ring for debt, copper ring for educations.

  • Ganesha ring
    Lord Ganesha is thought to be the Lord of energy, Lord of the Multitudes, knowledge, peace, and harmony...
    $21.68 ... $130.06
  • Hanuman ring
    A person wearing this Lord hanuman ring will likely be blessed with happiness and all their worries and defects...
    $21.68 ... $365.40
  • Shree yantra ring
    Shree Yantra is the supply of supreme vitality and power is nothing however one other type of factor within...
    $21.68 ... $156.89
  • Sai baba ring
    Sai Baba, we wave lights earlier than You, the bestower of happiness to the Jivasunderneath the...
    $21.68 ... $375.72
  • Lakshmi ring
    ​Lakshmi ring is energized by 1001 Mata lakshmi mantra. It is beneficial for growth in income, material life benefits, wealth and prosperity in life...
    $21.68 ... $124.90
  • Beesa yantra ring
    Beesa Yantra must be established in an workplace or store dealing with western direction. In an effort to obtain...
    $21.68 ... $66.06
  • Pandrah yantra ring
    Pandrah yantra ring is charged by 1001 Pandrah yantra mantra, it is beneficial for fulfillment of desires, success in every task, also victory over enemies...
    $21.68 ... $67.09
  • Chaubisa Yantra Mudrika can also be one of many divine Mudrika which should be damaged by one...
    $21.68 ... $73.29
  • Chhatisa Yantra may be very particular. One may add up any row in it every time the whole involves thirty six...
    $21.68 ... $67.09
  • Health ring is charged by 1100 dhanvantri mantra. It benefits in curing diseases, controls blood pressure, good health, life-longevity, safety from unnatural calamities, protection from enemies...
    $21.68 ... $67.09
  • Ring of wealth is an charmed ring that removes some unfilled drops from the uncommon drop table. It must be...
    $21.68 ... $125.93
  • You'll keep souls and humanity upon death. Chances are you'll, nevertheless, nonetheless be cursed and...
    $21.68 ... $77.42
  • OM ring
    Om ring is energized by 1001 Shiv mantra, It benefits in mind peace, positive thoughts, removes negative energies protects from ill-effects, victory over enemies, prosperity in life, happiness...
    $15.48 ... $25.81
  • Swastik copper ring
    Swastik copper ring is charged by 1001 Ganesha mantra. It is beneficial for Good luck, Removes obstacles from life, Success in tasks, Protects from evil influences, Happiness...
    $21.68 ... $77.42
  • Shiva ring
    Shiva Ring handmade utilizing excessive content material silver. complete to Order. A wonderful excessive...
    $21.68 ... $67.09
  • Ram ring
    Ring of the Ram: Often known as the Wave of Castles, with one phrase this ring can unleash implausible and lethal powers. When ..
    $21.68 ... $130.06
  • Shani ring
    Shani Yantra is used to Propitiate an bothered Shani/Saturn and obtain Rajayoga via full blessings of Shani. When Saturn is malefic..
    $5.16 ... $67.09
  • Snake ring for obstacles
    Snake ring supplies which incorporates gold, silver and platinum have grown extremely well-liked in the previous...
    $21.68 ... $72.25
  • Kali ring
    Kali Ring with nine top notch planetary gem stones owes its achievement to the non secular energies...
    $21.68 ... $94.96
  • Gomati chakra ring
    Gomati Chakra is an unusual pure case stone, discovered from the Gomti Waterway in Dwarka positioned in India...
    $36.13 ... $77.42
  • Chautisa yantra ring
    This chautisa yantra ring is charged by mahalaxmi mantra. This is beneficial for wealth...
    $21.68 ... $73.29
  • This ring is charged by Lord Shiva mantra. so it beneficial for spiritual power...
    $21.68 ... $82.58
  • This Aum star ring charged by Shiva ring. it beneficial for salvation...
    $21.68 ... $82.58
  • This tortoise ring charge by laxmi mantra. so beneficial for...
    $22.71 ... $84.64
  • This ring is charge by Ganesha mantra. So this is lucky...
    $21.68 ... $84.64
  • Kamdev ring
    It is alleged in Nath Panth and historic texts (Grantha) where one should wear a Kaamdev Mudrika (Ring) via which he may even appeal to and control over the stone, so it’s not a large matter to draw in a standard man man and woman..
    $21.68 ... $259.08
  • Tantrik vashikaran ring
    This Tantric vashikaran ring charged by 2100 kamdev vashikaran mantra, This is beneficial for attraction , confidence, positive thinking, marketing
    $81.54 ... $314.82