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Sadhana shop for wisdom

Sadhana store for wisdom

(Sadhana for Education)

sadhana for wisdom

Divyayoga shop provide all kind Sadhana for Education like saraswati Sadhana for Education, matangi Sadhana for Education, megha saraswati Sadhana for Education, saraswati beej mantra Sadhana for Education.

  • -20%
    Saraswati Sadhana for Enhance Your mind
    Chetanananda - the joy of true knowledge! And no doubt a divine pleasure stuffed one's heart on hearing Chetanananda speak. Even prose spilled out of his lips like a divine candy song, and he could enthral huge crowds along with his powerful speech....
    $53.37 $42.70
  • -20%
    Megha Saraswati Sadhana
    Early within the morning stand up and have a bath. Put on yellow or saffron robes. Then in a clear room sit with your loved ones members. Earlier than your self place an image of Goddess Saraswati....
    $57.64 $46.20
  • -20%
    Garbhasth Cheitanya Sadhana Education Begins in the Womb
    Abhimanyu, it's mentioned, discovered essentially the most valuable technique of ancient warfare i.e. piercing the Chakravyuh formation, when nonetheless in his mother’s womb...
    $59.45 $47.60
  • -20%
    Neel tara sadhana for intellect, knowledge and fame
    Prayer of Bhagawati Neel Tara clearly illustrates that mind, knowledge and fame is feasible by grace of Bhagawati Aadya Shakti Maa Neel Tara...
    $74.32 $59.50
  • -20%
    Lakshmi Tantra Sadhana for boost your confidence
    There are goals, to achieve which one puts at stake every little thing one has. Yet regardless of the perfect efforts one fails to make it...
    $39.22 $31.40
  • -20%
    Saraswati sadhana for Success in Interview
    To get success in interviews and to clear the hurdles of other competitors is the main motive of this Saraswati sadhana..
    $39.22 $31.40
  • -20%
    Mata saraswati Vidya Sadhna for Child's Education
    If this is a reason of your worry, finish distressing and have a go this Mata saraswati Vidya Pradat Sadhana..
    $38.19 $30.60
  • -20%
    Saraswati Sadhna for Making Your Little one Clever
    Saraswati is Mata Saraswatia Goddess of information and intelligence who could make even the so known...
    $39.22 $31.40
  • -20%
    Ganesh sadhana for parents
    It is a particular Ganesh sadhana with the parents of a student who isn't doing properly in his studies or one whose mind is straying and becoming tired of studying or one who isn't handling his studies...
    $43.35 $34.70
  • -20%
    Gayatri Sadhana for Students
    A particular type of Gayatri sadhana worship for Students is what I'm giving on this post. The Gayatri sadhana is one such potent sadhana which illuminates the mind and makes it sharp and brilliant...
    $39.22 $31.40
  • -20%
    Vidya Yakshini sadhana for secret and divine knowledge
    This sadhana is dedicated to Mata Vidya Yakshini. Vidya Yakshini sadhana means "acquisition of divine and secret wisdom". This Vidya Yakshini sadhana is to get practiced for Satvik purposes only; these getting malefic...
    $40.26 $32.20
  • -20%
    Shiv Goraksha sadhana
    It is the perfect Shiv goraksha sadhana for all those engaged in the subject of healing, reiki healer, pranik healer, astrology, future predictions, palmistry, numerology, face reading, tarot, soothsaying, ramal shastra ..
    $40.26 $32.20
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