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Acupressure Footwear

  • -19%
    Acupressure sandals
    ​Acupressure sandals are charged by Vastu mantra. Acupressure sandals are combined with acupuncture points and magnets. You can wear it for few times or long period...
    $12.39 $10
  • -19%
    Acupressure Slippers
    Acupressure Slippers are charged by 1001 Vastu mantra. Acupressure slippers are comfortable to wear with magnets and acupuncture points. It is beneficial for blood circulation...
    $12.39 $10
  • -20%
    Acupressure Slippers-2
    ​Acupressure Slippers-2 is energized by 1001 Vastu mantra. This slippers are highly effective for diabetic patients. Acupressure slippers are combined with acupuncture points and magnets...
    $14.45 $11.60
  • -20%
    Acupressure Flip-flops
    Acupressure Flip-flops is charged by 501 Vastu mantra. This flip-flops are comfortable to wear and cures common ailments through reflex point on feet. By regular use of acupressure...
    $18.58 $14.90
  • -20%
    Acupressure Paduka
    ​Acupressure Paduka is charged by 1001 Vastu mantra. Regular use of acupressure paduka massages foot sole and provide relaxation. It is beneficial to cure bodily pain and ailments...
    $7.23 $5.80
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