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Special mala for health

  • -15%
    Anang rosary
    The idea of a cheerful married life is nice sexual relations and that is solely attainable when each the companions...
    $26.84 ... $29.93
  • -15%
    Mahamrtyunjai rosary
    This Mahamrutyunjai Rosary charged by 5001 mahamrtyunjay Mantra. Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is one among the many best Mantra's in Indian Mythology and Religion belongs
    $23.74 ... $26.84
  • -15%
    Dhanvantari rosary
    Dhanwantari because the space healer and physician of the Gods. Lord (bhagawan) Dhanwantari is considered...
    $23.74 ... $26.84
  • -15%
    Santan gopal rosary
    Santhana Gopala is an toddler type of Lord Krishna; he blesses childless couples with offspring and likewise...
    $17.55 ... $19.61
  • -15%
    Vahan Durgatna nashak rosary
    Whereas driving a car there's all the time a chance of a accident. Be it a minor or a serious accident...
    $25.81 ... $28.90