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Gold Plated Yantra shop

Gold plated yantra

Yantras are geometrical figures inscribed on a metal sheet or paper that work on energies pertaining to the actual God. The Gold plated yantras are based on Vedic strategies and represent varied mantras. There are primarily eight surfaces on which yantras can be inscribed, comparable to gold, silver, copper, crystal, birch, bone, paper, and Bhojpatra.

Gold plated Yantras are made from circles, triangles, squares and dots as all these symbolize cosmic energies and powers. A person is required to see the Yantra and lightweight a lamp before it everyday within the morning. It is believed that doing that is very auspicious and the believer is blessed with numerous success and wealth if he performs yantra puja (prayer) regularly.

Consequence of Gold plated Yantra

Gold plated Yantras are very powerful and they help in bringing peace, prosperity, success, good well being and safety to the believers. They help if a person is trying to achieve a particular consequence but is getting obstacles within the way. They may also help an individual in their personal lives and likewise in enhancing efficiency at work. The Gold plated Yantras are product of mystical inscriptions of a number of planets within the universe that help a believer in main a content material and glad life. They're associated to planets as every of those planets have both good or dangerous results, and yantras are believed to remove their dangerous results and increase their constructive effects.

Gold plated Yantras are designed in a way to relate with the 5 parts of nature - earth, water, fireplace, air and sky - and when one performs prayers repeatedly, it's said that they get a certain amount of power to regulate the character for their own advantage.


If some reason not available your required gold plated yantra, we will be sent bhojpatra yantra instead of copper yantra in same price.


अगर किसी कारणवश गोल्ड प्लेटेड यंत्र न हो, तो भोजपत्र का यंत्र उसी कीमत मे भेज दिया जायेगा


Same deity yantra have many design. So given in the website photo and shipping article (yantra design) can be different.

Note :Delivered Product may vary in Colour and Design if the product is not available in stock as shown in Picture.

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