शिवानंद दास जी के मार्गदर्शन मे

पित्रव श्रपित दोष निवारण पूजन शिविर


14 OCT. 2023 at Vajreshwari near Mumbai.

वर्ष मे एकबार आने वाली सर्व पित्री अमावस्या के मुहुर्थ पर मुंबई के निकट वज्रेश्वरी में विशेष पूजन शिविर का आयोजन किया जा रहा है जिन लोगो की कुंडली मे पित्र दोष, हो यानी अश्लेशा, मघा, रेवती, ज्येष्ठा, मूल तथा अश्विनी नक्षत्र हो उन्हे इस पित्र पूजन मे तो अवश्य भाग लेना चाहिये. इसके अलावा सगाई शादी व्याह मे अडचन, धन का नुकसान, बच्चो की समस्या, नजर तंत्र बाधा से परेशान हो तो इस पूजन मे भाग लेना अनिवार्य माना हया है. इसमे पित्र पूजा के साथ श्रापित दोष निवारण पूजा भी करवाई जाती है, जिससे आपके पूर्वजो के द्वारा जाने अंजाने किये गये बुरे कार्य व पाप कर्म नष्ट हो जाते है. इस पूजन से आर्थिक रुकावटे, संतान की अडचन, विवाह मे अडचन, नजर तंत्र बाधा का असर खत्म होने लगता है.

इस पूजन मे भाग लेने के दो तरीके है एक तो शिविर मे आकर साधना में भाग ले सकते है दूसरा आप ऑनलाइन भी भाग ले सकते हैं अगर आप भाग लेना चाहते हैं तो नीचे लिंक दिया है वहां पर फॉर्म भरकर आप इस शिविर मे शामिल हो सकते हैं


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  • Budh Dosha Puja
    Budha Pooja or Mercury (budha) Pooja is devoted to planet (graha) Mercury. Budha Pooja on Wednesday (budhwar) brings in manifold benefits similar to removing difficulties, wholesome progeny, possession of fertile lands etc. Following issues are associated with Buddha- the Mercury (budha):..
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  • Chandal Dosha Puja
    Guru Chandal Dosha (गुरु चांडाल दोष) is formed when both Jupiter and Rahu occupy the identical sign. the lifetime of the person is effected as a result of mixed qualities of Jupiter and Rahu...
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  • Chandra (Moon) Puja
    Chandra (moon) Puja is devoted to Lord Chandra, the Moon God. Grah Shanti Chandra (moon) Pooja (Moon Worship) is recommended to those, having malefic Chandra or wrongly positioned moon as per the horoscope. The next checklist consists of couple of issues related to Chandra (moon).,,
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  • Ghat Dosha Puja
    Ghat Dosha Puja  for  protect all kind of sudden incidence, physical attack and Accidents....
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  • Ganda mool Puja
    A person born and ruled by 27 Nakshatra as per Moon Rashi in Indian Astrology, out of which six Nakshatras viz. Ashwini, Magha, Jayestha, Ashlesha, Mool & Rewati are collectively called as Gandmool Nakshatras...
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  • Grahan Dosha Puja
    If in any people astrology sun or moon are at the side of rahu or ketu in any house it is named permanent grahan dosha in ones astrology predictions...
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  • Guru Dosha Puja
    Brihaspati or Guru Pooja is devoted to planet (graha) Jupiter (guru). Grah Shanti Guru Puja (Worship of Jupiter) is advisable to these, having malefic guru or wrongly positioned Jupiter as per the astrology. Here is record comprising a couple of issues associated with Guru / Brihaspati...
  • Kalsarpa Puja
    Kaal Sarp Dosha Nivaran Puja is very effective to negate the malefic effects of Kaal Sarp Yoga. People with Kaal Sarp Yoga keep struggling for lifetime. It generates hurdles, difficulties and different obstacles in the way of your achievement. But with a kaal sarp Puja  the awful aspect of life can be erased forever. Kaal Sarp Yoga Puja destroys the negative effect of Kaal Sarp yoga and let the person lead his life without problems. ..
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  • Ketu Puja
    Ketu (Dragon's Tail) Pooja is devoted to planet Ketu. Grah Shanti Ketu Pooja (Worship (puja) of Dragon's Tail) is advisable for these, having malefic Ketu or wrongly placed Ketu as per the astrology. Subsequent things are associated with Ketu (dragon's tail)...
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  • Mangal Puja
    Mangal (mars) Pooja or Mars Worship is devoted to planet (graha) Mars. Grah Shanti Mangal (mars) Pooja liberates one from money owed, poverty and skin problems. Here's a list of issues associated with Mangal (mars) (Mars)...
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  • Markesh yog Nivaran Puja
    Markesh Dosha is created when the position of planets is so formed within the kundli (horoscope) that it possesses the ability of lethal troubles or may end up in death...
  • Mangalik Puja
    Kunja Dosha (Manglik Dosha ) is formed when mars (Mangal) is placed within the ascendant, fourth, 7th, 8th or 12th house of the natal chart (lagna kundli). Other than lagna kundli if the identical placement of mars (Mangal) occurs in navamansa or Chandra kundli or in all three of them the sick impact of will probably be extra severe...
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  • Navgrah Puja
    Planet (GRAHA) Puja is a method of offering reverence and worship (puja) to the 9 planets, asking them to bless us with our wishes in return. The planetary poojas are efficient in communicating your need to be in tune with the planets. These poojas will embrace choices to each the planet, and its overlord...
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  • Rahu Puja
    Lord rahu Puja or the Dragon's Head Worship (puja) is dedicated to planet (graha) Rahu. Grah Shanti Rahu Pooja is beneficial for those, having malefic Lord rahu or wrongly positioned Lord rahu as per the kundli predictions. Here is checklist of issues related to Lord rahu (Dragon's Head)...
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  • Sade-sati Puja
    Sade-sati (साडे-साती) which accurately means seven and a half is the 7½ years long interval of Saturn (Shani), getting into the zodiac sign as per the moon Rashi. Shani takes 30 years to traverse all the 12 rashis. He stays 2 and ½ years in a single 'rasi' or moon sign...
  • Shani Dosha Puja
    Lord shani Puja is completed to appease planet Saturn (shani). Grah Shanti Lord shani Pooja (Worship of Saturn) is searched for mental peace and to eliminate numerous illnesses. Following issues are associated with Shani (Saturn)...
    $170 ... $570
  • Shrapit Dosha Nivaran Puja
    This Puja ought to be carried out at any time when there's a Shani Rahu Shrapit Yoga present in the horoscope of a Native. A Shrapit Yoga is also known as Shrapit Dosha in a horoscope and it's fashioned when the planets Saturn and Rahu are positioned together in a Single Home of Horoscope.....
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  • Shukra Dosha Puja
    Astrologically the planet Shukra (venus (shukra)) is the reason giving each and every one comfort in a person's life if in positioning. Shukra (venus (shukra)) is held to be a benefic
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  • Surya (Sun) Dosha Puja
    Lord Surya Pooja or Sun Worship (puja) is devoted to Lord Surya. Grah Shanti Lord surya Pooja or Solar worship is beneficial to those, having malefic lord surya or wrongly placed sun as per the horoscope. Here's a checklist of issues associated with the worship of Surya - the Sun God.,,
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  • Vish Dosha Nivaran Puja
    When Shani and Chandra are together its called Visha Dosha. Due to Visha Dosha, a person is facing many obstacles like stress, depression, mental problems, business loss, job problems....
    $191 ... $425
  • Vyatipat Dosha Puja
    When there is a Vyatipat Dosha in your kundli. there is a elimination procedure. this helps you to lead a life full of positively, and bountifully. This Vyatipat Puja Vidhi done by Tantrik procedure is very effective although very simple....
  • Mangal-Shukra Puja
    If mars with Venus is in anyone's horoscope person becomes sensual nature. Person invites many obstacle...
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  • Pitra dosha nivaran puja
    Pitra dosha is regarded as just about the most significant principles of Indian astrology. It is often considered as the problem of the forefathers. This means that the one that has pitra dosh ...
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