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 April 15, 2023 

Akshaya Tritiya is an auspicious Hindu festival that usually falls in late April or early May. The day is considered to be very auspicious for starting new ventures, making investments, and buying gold or other assets. Here are some things you can do on Akshaya Tritiya:

  1. Make donations: Making donations on this day is considered very auspicious. You can donate to a charity or give food, clothes, or other necessities to the needy.
  2. Buy gold or other assets: Buying gold, silver, or other assets is considered to be very lucky on Akshaya Tritiya. People believe that buying these assets on this day will bring good luck and prosperity.
  3. Start new ventures: Akshaya Tritiya is considered to be an auspicious day for starting new ventures. If you have been thinking about starting a new business or project, this may be the right day to take the first step.
  4. Perform puja: Performing puja on this day is considered to be very beneficial. You can visit a temple or perform puja at home.
  5. Practice gratitude: Take a moment to reflect on all the things you are grateful for in your life. Practicing gratitude is a great way to attract positivity and abundance.

Remember, the most important thing is to approach the day with positivity and gratitude, and to use the occasion to do good and spread positivity.