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vastu pyramid estore

Divyayogashop provide many kind of vastu and pyramid related articles...
  • Pyramid top
    Pyramid top is charged by 1001 Vastu mantra. It is beneficial for removing negative impacts, solves vastu defects, success in tasks, fulfillment of desire, protection from evil effects, peace...
  • Pyramid money box
    This Pyramid Cash Box is charged by Lakshmi mantra. It is a well known a beautiful box, in particular...
  • Wish pyramid
    Wish Pyramid is completely an amazing instrument. Wish pyramid is often a mechanism for concentrating...
  • Pyramid set
    Restore vitality, focus of thoughts, peace & concord, helps to provide extra power to the water & milk...
  • Colour Pyramid Set
    This Pyramid Setup in our outlets, places of work, homes, manufacturing unit,Temple. Luck Activation...
  • Pyramid set-4.5
    Pyramid set 4.5 is charged by 1001 Vastu mantra. It is beneficial for removing vastu defect, eliminates planetary effect, success in task, protects from negative energy, security from incidents...
  • Out of stock
    Pyramid Cap
    Pyramid Cap Thoughts energy pyramid. This particular Pyramid Cap is amazingly useful...
  • Navgrah Golden pyramid
    Controls our stars, brings, peace and harmony in home, efficient in eradicating vastu defect, saves home...
  • Navgrah pyramid yantra set
    This is very useful gadget for the peace of the house. Navgrah pyramid Yantra is fastened on the wall outdoors...
  • Pyramid ganesha
    Any Auspicious work begins by remembering lord Ganesha will at all times be fruitful. So Pyramid Ganesha...
  • Bemor - Energy and luck enhancer
    ​Bemor-9x9 is charged by 1001 Vastu mantra, it is used for most important door luck activation, power unfold in home or workplace and for 9 power beam generation.​ Its beneficial for solving vastu defect...
  • Copper pyramid top
    Sleeping beneath a big copper pyramid has several advantages (as above). Much less sleep is...
  • Ashta-Pyramid Top
    Ashta-pyramid top is charged by 1001 Vastu mantra. It benefits in removing vastu defects, protects from enemies, success in life, safety from incidents, happiness in relation...
  • Pyramid Strip-3 Set
    Innovative, effective and most practical tool for vaastu...
  • Natron for bathroom and toilet
    This Natron energised by vastu mantra.Natron is a radical key to the largest Vastu & Feng Shui defect...
  • Pyramid energy for house, shop and office
    This Pyramid Energy enhancer energized by vastu mantra. This extraordinary Power 9x9 energy enhancer...
  • Agro Pyramid
    This Agro Pyramid energized by vastu mantra. Agro Pyramid brings the magical powers of pyramids to...
  • Out of stock
    9-vastu pyramid plate
    ​9-vastu pyramid plate is charged by 1100 vastu mantra. It is beneficial for removing vastu defect, protection from ill-effects, journey safety, success in every task, wealth gain...
  • Navgrah pyramid inline plate
    Navgrah vastu pyramid plate is charged by 1100 vastu mantra, Place it on middle center of the main door it helps to solve vastu defect and negative impacts. It benefits in Success...
  • Manglam OM
    Manglam OM is energized by 1101 Vastu mantra. Om is an sacred word it has 100s of meaning in which, one of them is "Welcome to God". It is beneficial for Positivity, Mental stability...
  • Subh-Labh pyramid
    Subh-Labh Pyramid is energized by 1001 vastu mantra. It should be placed at worship place of house, office, shop or any working places. This gives benefits in Success in work...
  • Education vastu pyramid
    Education pyramid is charged by 1100 Vastu mantra. It helps to form a link between body and subconscious mind. This benefits in Increasing memory power, Enhance concentration...
  • Shri Om Swastik energy yantra
    Shree om swastik yantra is charged by 1001 vastu mantra. Place at worship place of house, office, shop or any workplace. It benefits in removing vastu defect, Success in work...
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