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 March 25, 2016 

Rama Navami 2016- Day of Victory

15th April 2016

According to Hindu diary, Ram Navami falls on ninth day (navmi) of Chaitra month. Ram Navami, also referred to as ‘Srirama Navami’, is a Hindu celebration that is generally observed in the month of March or April. However, Ram Navami in 2016 will be observed on Friday, fifteenth April. The celebration symbols Lord (bhagwan) Rama’s Birthday. Ram Navami is usually observed in India but is widely known in all Hindu societies worldwide. Ram Navami, in India, is a public holiday.

Ram Navami is a vital day for Lord (bhagwan) Rama’s worshipers. Celebrations on this day begin with prayers and observing fast. One of the best places to see the festivities arrived is Ayodhya, the city where Lord (bhagwan) Rama was born. The entire city is decorated with illumination lights and garlands of flowers. The procession of decorated chariots is what you shouldn't ignore. These chariots are the popular features of the grand celebrations.

The dates of Ram Navami vary every year due to the fact that it is determined by Hindu calendar and Hindu calendars depend on the Solar rotation. It is one of India’s most blissful and fun-filled celebration that promotes the message of being happy and wining of good over evil.”

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