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Spiritual and Religious pendants

Divyayoga shop provide kind of Spiritual and Religious pendants like silver pendants, copper pendants, brass pendants, gold pendants, om pendants, om namah shivay pendants, gayatri pendants, ganesha pendants, shiva pendants, shivaling pendants, lakshmi pendants, kuber pendants, shree yantra pendants, surya pendants, chandra pendants, budh pendants, guru pendants, shukra pendants, shani pendants, rahu pendants, ketu pendants, navgrah pendants, kali pendants, tara pendants, bagalamukhi pendants, chhinnamasta pendants, bhairavi pendants, matangi pendants, bhuvaneshwari pendants, dhumavati pendants, pendant for protection, pendant for health, pendant for wealth, pendant for blackmagic, pendant for child security, pendant for enemy protection, pendant for hidden enemy.

  • Cat's eye pendent
    This Cat's eye pendent is charged by...
    $36.13 ... $56.77
  • Gomati chakra pendent
    Gomati Chakra is a very uncommon pure product, According several Belief it is present in Gomti River...
  • Om crystal pendent
    Om crystal pendent is energized by 1101 Shiv mantra, OM is considered as most sacred symbol in Hinduism. It benefits in mind peace, positive thoughts, happiness in life, security from ill-effects...
  • Shree yantra pendent
    Sri Yantra - is a powerful positive power symbol. Sri Yantra is known to usher in peace, prosperity, harmony...