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 October 1, 2015 

Importance Of Shradh- Pitra shraddha 2015

As per the Spiritual Text ‘Srimad Bhagavad Gita’, the body is destructible however the soul remains immortal. The soul never takes birth neither it dies. The soul is immortal and ever existent. Therefore neither air, water nor fire can damage it.

Time of Shraadh liberates the soul from the cycle of life and death giving you salvation. Therefore, performing Shraddh through the time of Pitru Paksha is taken into account very significant for the departed souls to rest in peace. Tarpan, through the time of Shradh, is equally essential in order to remove Pitra Dosh (bad effects because of the non-performance of rituals of the departed souls). Let’s pray for the peace of the departed souls with full trust and dedication through the days of Shraddh in 2015.

Shradh Dates In 2015
Yearly through the time of Shraadh, various Hindu people pray for his or her ancestors to rest in peace. Throughout these 16 days of Shraddh, daily is devoted as Tithi (date) of an ancestor. The Tithi on which the Shradh needs place is considered to be the date on that the individual has passed away. Therefore, according to that Tithi, prayers are offered for the peace of the departed soul. If an individual passed away on the day of Saptami, his Tarpan could be carried out on Saptami Shraadh. The last day of Shradh which is Amavasya is the day once we pray to god that each one the departed souls rest in peace and may even find place in heaven. Now during Pitra Paksha of Shraadh in 2015, let’s pray for the peace of the departed souls.