Diksha for health

  • Anang diksha
    ​This Anang diksha is beneficial for Impotence related problems and success in relationship...
    $37.16 ... $47.48
  • Dhanvantari Diksha
    This Dhanvantari Diksha is helpful to attain the complete condition of fitness.Dhanvantari is definitely an...
    $32 ... $41.29
  • Kayakalp Diksha For Bodily Rejuvenation
    Of all the gifts that modern science has manifested for mankind that of Medicine is perhaps the most wondrous because it took up the challenges of banishing certain illnesses from the very face of the earth and increasing the life span of essentially the most favoured of all species - man...
    $32 ... $41.29
  • Chakshusmati Diksha
    इस चक्षुस्मती दिक्षा द्वारा भगवान सूर्य की पूजा तथा ऑखो (नेत्र) की शक्ति को बढाने के लिये किया जाता है।..
    $32 ... $41.29
  • Dirghayu diksha
    This is beneficial for long life...
    $32 ... $41.29
  • Sanskar diksha for child
    Diksha is absolute mandatory in life to acquire materialistic in addition to religious gain. For all sorts of materialistic...
    $32 ... $41.29
  • Vaidyanath diksha
    This is beneficial for health and...
    $32 ... $41.29
  • Narayan Kalp diksha for health
    This is beneficial for health and family peace and...
    $32 ... $41.29
  • Putresthi diksha
    This is beneficial for fulfillment of...
    $32 ... $41.29
  • Putrapradayak Mangal diksha
    Putrapradayak mangal diksha is formed of Goddess Parvati. This is beneficial...
    $32 ... $41.29
  • Santan gopal diksha
    Santan gopal diksha is beneficial for Removing obstacles in progeny, Blessing for having healthy and intelligent child, Eliminates problems and issues in being pregnant...
    $37.16 ... $51.61