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पित्रव श्रपित दोष निवारण पूजन शिविर


14 OCT. 2023 at Vajreshwari near Mumbai.

वर्ष मे एकबार आने वाली सर्व पित्री अमावस्या के मुहुर्थ पर मुंबई के निकट वज्रेश्वरी में विशेष पूजन शिविर का आयोजन किया जा रहा है जिन लोगो की कुंडली मे पित्र दोष, हो यानी अश्लेशा, मघा, रेवती, ज्येष्ठा, मूल तथा अश्विनी नक्षत्र हो उन्हे इस पित्र पूजन मे तो अवश्य भाग लेना चाहिये. इसके अलावा सगाई शादी व्याह मे अडचन, धन का नुकसान, बच्चो की समस्या, नजर तंत्र बाधा से परेशान हो तो इस पूजन मे भाग लेना अनिवार्य माना हया है. इसमे पित्र पूजा के साथ श्रापित दोष निवारण पूजा भी करवाई जाती है, जिससे आपके पूर्वजो के द्वारा जाने अंजाने किये गये बुरे कार्य व पाप कर्म नष्ट हो जाते है. इस पूजन से आर्थिक रुकावटे, संतान की अडचन, विवाह मे अडचन, नजर तंत्र बाधा का असर खत्म होने लगता है.

इस पूजन मे भाग लेने के दो तरीके है एक तो शिविर मे आकर साधना में भाग ले सकते है दूसरा आप ऑनलाइन भी भाग ले सकते हैं अगर आप भाग लेना चाहते हैं तो नीचे लिंक दिया है वहां पर फॉर्म भरकर आप इस शिविर मे शामिल हो सकते हैं


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Puja for wealth

Puja for wealth

Divyayoga shop provide all kind of puja for wealth like  lakshmi puja, kuber puja, satyanarayan puja, lakshmi-narayan puja, lakshmi-kuber puja, lakshmi-ganesha puja, kanakadhara puja, asht lakshmi puja, shree yantra puja, yakshini puja, puja for wealth, puja for debt, puja for finance.

  • Ashta-lakshmi Puja
    Eight forms of Goddess Lakshmi, often called Ashta Lakshmi, are acknowledged in iconographical works. Ashta Lakshmi Puja (Ashta Lakshmi Pooja) brings us success in our jobs/businesses and helps amass immense wealth...
    $156.87 ... $182.60
  • Arogya Lakshmi Puja
    The Churning of the milky ocean that gave Lakshmi back to the world additionally produced Dhanvantri from its depths. He appeared carrying the pot of ambrosia or elixir or 'Amrit'...
    $192.37 ... $215.06
  • Bhagya lakshmi Puja
    "Bhagya" (भाग्य) fate or destiny or fortune is bestowed on a person by Goddess Bhagya Lakshmi. It's a wealth of prime importance to be blessed with this superb 'saubhagya' or good luck. Superb issues occur to people who have this wealth...
    $178.08 ... $199.08
  • Dhanada Puja
    Dhanada Puja --- the Tantra form that bestows wealth. It’s a branch of Lakshmi Sadhana that has never disappointed a true, dedicated, pure seeker. And even Spiritual Greats like Vishwamitra, Gorakhnath and Shankaracharya vow by its efficacy....
    $174.30 ... $190.90
  • Dhanlakshmi Puja
    Dhan Laxmi Puja as the name suggests it is bestowed with the miraculous powers of Mata Laxmi. Maha Dhan Laxmi Puja transforms all your losses into profit.
    You will never face any monetary crisis in future. Bringing back the essence of your life, Maha Dhan Laxmi Puja allow you to prosper. It will multiply your income and knowledge by numerous folds....
    $167.07 ... $190.08
  • Deep Lakshmi Puja
    Deep Lakshmi brings joy, celebration, 'gyan' or knowledge and life. She shows us the way even in dismal, uninteresting, and dark situations. Deep Lakshmi signifies the 'ray of sunshine' that conjures up us in direction of life, ideas, and progress....
    $192.37 ... $215.06
  • Grah lakshmi Puja
    In Hindu homes, it's typically said that Gods reside where women are respected, honoured, and protected. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi lives in each home within the type of Griha-Lakshmi or the lady of the house...
    $178.08 ... $199.08
  • Kanakdhara Mahalakshmi Puja
    Kanakdhara Lakshmi Puja Helps in getting immense wealth, prosperity and luck. Establishing Kanakdhara Lakshmi Puja in the home can sure bring Good Luck ". Establishing it at Home can open the doors to fortune for the whole family....
    $156.87 ... $290.49
  • Kuber Puja
    Kubera is the son of Visrava and the grandson of Brahma. Properly-recognized to be Lord of Riches (Dhanpati) he is the god's treasurer and the trustee of all meals grains and wealth....
    $149.40 ... $175.13
  • Nandi Puja
    When the devas and the asuras joined hands to churn the ocean with a mountain in an effort to receive the nectar 'Amrit'. Throughout the means of this churning, they also found poison which was so harmful that neither devas nor asuras wished to accept it....
    $135.86 ... $160.12
  • Lakshmi-Narayana Puja
    Lakshmi-Narayan Puja is performed for the aim of gaining respectable wealth. Those that are concerned in job/enterprise or are dealing with monetary problems could carry out this Homam to receive the blessings and style of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Narayan (Vishnu)....
    $183.41 ... $198.94
  • Lakshmi-kuber Puja
    Lakshmi-Kuber Puja is performed for the aim of gaining official wealth. Those that are involved in enterprise or are facing financial problems may carry out this Homam to obtain the blessings and style of Goddess Lakshmi...
    $156.87 ... $373.49
  • Padmavati - Balaji Puja
    Lord Balaji is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and his spouse is Padmavati, an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. Balaji is however, seen with both Goddesses, Padmavati and her unique kind Ma Lakshmi also....
    $192.37 ... $215.06
  • Raj Lakshmi Puja
    The blessings of Royalty is bestowed upon a person by Raj Lakshmi. Ma Lakshmi in this role blesses sure chosen individuals to be kings and great leaders. Any chief in an incredible position of energy and glory has Raj Lakshmi on his side...
    $192.37 ... $215.06
  • Shiva Khappar Puja
    This Shiva Khappar puja worshiped by Ravana also. Which changed the life of Ravan.  By worshiped this Khappar puja ravana was obtained wealth and knowledge...
    $177.93 ... $197.70
  • Sanskar Lakshmi Puja
    A good Sanskar is a beneficial present from Sanskar Lakshmi Maa. Loads is learned and imbibed in childhood from what a toddler observes of his surrounding and environment. Mother and father are the first guru or teacher of a child and the strongest Sanskar are formed from the parents....
    $192.37 ... $215.06
  • Soundarya Lakshmi Puja
    Lakshmi is the Goddess of beauty and fertility. In this side she is named 'Soundarya' or beauty 'Lakshmi' or the Goddess of wealth, who blesses one with beauty. Lakshmi is all the time lovely and solely likes all issues beautiful....
    $180.48 ... $204.25
  • Out of stock
    Satyanarayan Puja
    Satyanarayan Pooja is regarded to bring wealth and calm in all types of life. Worship of Shri Satya Narayan is dedicated to Narayana form of Lord Vishnu. Following issues are required for Satyanarayan Pooja...
  • Vaibhav Lakshmi Puja
    Vaibhav Lakshmi Puja Helps in getting immense wealth, prosperity and luck. Establishing Vaibhav Lakshmi Puja in the home can sure bring Good Luck ". Establishing it at Home can open the doors to fortune for the whole family....
    $178.08 ... $199.08
  • Vasudha lakshmi Puja
    Life exists on 'Dharti mata' or land and she provides humanity with earth to stay on, soil to develop on and water to drink from. She bears the mistreatment of her kids in the direction of the earth and climate....
    $178.08 ... $199.08
  • Manasa devi puja for wealth
    Mata Manasa Devi, the snake goddess, is worshiped by Hindus, mainly for the prevention and cure of snakebites...
    $185.80 ... $435.59
  • Maa Saptashrungi puja
    Saptashringa Garh is a spot the place Mata Bhagawati dwells. It is without doubt one of the most vital of...
    $185.80 ... $310.69
  • Saubhagya lakshmi sadhana for goodluck
    Saubhagya lakshmi is a Hindu Deity of plethora, wealth and destiny. She is alleged to bring good luck..
    $50.58 ... $77.42
  • Durga sadhana for happy life
    Deity Durga is a generally admired incarnation (avatar) of Devi and one with the foremost forms with..
    $53.67 ... $79.48
  • Tirupati Balaji Puja
    The Tirupati balaji is a supreme lord of kaliyug and destroys the sins of humans. It is believed that he took...
    $125.93 ... $250.83
  • Vishnu sahasranaam puja
    Lord (bhagawan) Vishnu represents the protecting side of supreme bhagawan. Based on the Vedic texts, it...
    $125.93 ... $275.60
  • Vara lakshmi havan
    Varalakshmi Pooja day is one of the numerous days to worship the devi of prosperity and wealth. Varalakshmi, who is the wife of Lord (bhagwan) Vishnu..
    $175.47 ... $500.62
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    Pishachini puja for sudden money
    This is said to be the secret puja which can certainly let you win a lottery, jackpot &; in gambling. In spite of this, you will need
    $250.83 ... $937.24
  • Swarnamala yakshini puja for money attraction
    Swarnamala yakshini puja- Nobody be able to deny the need for wealth in life. In today’s period, root of success in any ground is wealth. It constantly works in person’s life for his religious and materialistic advancement.
    $155.86 ... $465.52