Bhojpatra Yantra for Mahavidya siddhi

Divyayoga shop provide many kind of  mahavidya bhojpatra yantra for high power like kali bhojpatra yantra, tara bhojpatra yantra, matangi bhojpatra yantra, dhunavati bhojpatra yantra, bhairavi bhojpatra yantra, kamala bhojpatra yantra, bagalamukhi bhojpatra yantra, chhinnamasta bhojpatra yantra, tripur sundari bhojpatra yantra, shodashi bhojpatra yantra.

We have two size Bhojpatra Yantra (2x2'' and  3x3'')

  • Bagalamukhi bhojpatra yantra
    This Siddha Bagalamukhi Bhojpatra Yantra charged by Bagalamukhi mantra. Bagalamukhi Yantra is the residence of Maata Bagalamukhi...
  • Kali bhojpatra yantra
    This Siddha Mahakali  Bhojpatra Yantra charged by Mahakali mantra. Mahakali Yantra bestows on the Sadhak fulfilment of all his desires, wealth, comforts of life and is used for Mohan or Vashikaran purposes. Mahakali Yantra could be very powerful and tested Yantra...
    $15.28 ... $21.40
  • Tara bhojpatra yantra
    This Mahavidya Tara Bhojpatra yantra or  Bhojpatra Shree yantra charged by Maata Tara  mantra. Ones goddess Tara is happy then all the aspirations of man will get fulfilled. Maata Tara offers each materialistic affluence to the Sadhak and eliminates his enemies...
    $15.28 ... $21.40
  • Bhuvaneshwari bhojpatra yantra
    This Mahavidya Bhuvaneshwri Bhojpatra yantra charged by Maata Bhuvaneshwri mantra. ..
  • Bhairavi bhojpatra yantra
    This Mahavidya Bhairavi Bhojpatra yantra charged by Maata Bhairavi mantra. Mahavidya Bhairavi Bhojpatra yantra is beneficial for....
  • Chhinnamsta bhojpatra yantra
    This Mahavidya Chhinnamasta Bhojpatra yantra charged by Mata Chhinnamasta mantra. Mahavidya...
  • Tripursundari (Shodashi) bhojpatra yantra
    This Bhojpatra Shree Yantra charged by  Mahavidya Tripur Sundari (Shodashi) mantra. Bhojpatra Yantra is likely one of the most auspicious, necessary and powerful Bhojpatra Yantra, which not solely gives the maximum benefit, but additionally proves beneficial for nearly everybody....
  • Matangi bhojpatra yantra
    This Mahavidya Matangi Bhojpatra yantra charged by Maata Matangi mantra. Mahavidya Matangi Bhojpatra yantra is beneficial for...
  • Kamala bhojpatra yantra
    This Mahavidya Kamala Bhojpatra yantra charged by Maata Matangi mantra. Mahavidya Kamala Bhojpatra yantra is beneficial for...
  • Dhumavati bhojpatra yantra
    This Mahavidya Dhumavati Bhojpatra yantra charged by Maata Dhumavati mantra. Mahavidya Dhumavati Bhojpatra yantra is beneficial for...