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Mahavidya Spiritual Kit

  • -20%
    Bagalamukhi spiritual kit
    This Bagalamukhi Spiritual kit is charged by Mahavidya Bagalamukhi mantra. Bagalamukhi Spiritual kit or Bagalamukhi Maha Spiritual kit is employed for control and supremacy over enemies. ..
    $81.75 $65.40
  • -20%
    Bhuvaneshwari Spiritual Kit
    This Bhuvaneshwri Spiritual kit is charged by Bhuvaneshwri mantra. Bhuvaneshwri is said to be the Goddess of phenomenal world or ‘Bhuvan’...
    $71.84 $57.50
  • -20%
    Chhinnamasta Spiritual Kit
    This Chinnamasta Spiritual kit is charged by Bhairav mantra. Chinnamasta is one among many ten Mahavidyas, the sixth one. Chinnamasta is an idyllic and transcendental Hindu Goddess that makes us to slash our personal heads...
    $65.65 $52.60
  • -20%
    Kali spiritual kit
    This Kali spiritual kit is charged by Shree Krishna mantra. Goddess Kali in her vicious pose is the deity of the Kali spiritual kit. Kali spiritual kit named after the highly effective deity is itself a very powerful Kali spiritual kit and has supernatural powers..
    $55.74 $44.60
  • -20%
    Kamala spiritual kit
    This Kamala spiritual kit charged by Mahavidya Kamala mantra. Goddess Kamala Devi is the deity of fulfilment, affluence, purity, chastity and liberality...
    $52.02 $41.70
  • -20%
    Matangi spiritual kit
    This Matangi Spiritual kit has been charged by Matangi mantra. It is beneficial for power of speech, happiness in family life. No need to Puja, Sadhana, chanting...
    $37.16 $29.80
  • -20%
    Shodashi Spiritual kit
    This Tripur Sundari (Shodashi) Spiritual kit charged by Tripur Sundari or Shodashi mantra. Goddess Tripur Sundari (Shodashi), who has been personified as the supreme image of wealth and prosperity in Hindu mythology, governs this Spiritual kit form...
    $63.17 $50.60
  • -20%
    Ten Mahavidya Spiritual Kit
    This Ten Mahavidya spiritual kit is charged by Maata Ten Mahavidya mantra. There is stated to be ten incarnations of the Divine Mother or the supreme Deity or the Shakti..
    $81.75 $65.40
  • -20%
    Tara Spiritual kit
    This Tara Spiritual kit charged by Mahavidya Tara mantra. Goddess Tara is alleged to be the oldest deity, who remains to be worshipped by many in trendy times. Goddess Tara is the deity of the Tara Spiritual kit with the identical name...
    $56.98 $45.60
  • -20%
    Tripur Bhairavi Spiritual kit
    This Tripur Bhairavi Spiritual kit charged by Mahavidya Tripur Bhairavi mantra. Tripur Bhairavi is said to be the accomplice of the Bhairavi, the form of Shiva wherein He's depicted as angry...
    $56.98 $45.60
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