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Divyayogashop provide many type of siddha nariyal like, ekanshi nariyal, laghu nariyal, tantrik nariyal, tantrokta nariyal, ekanshi nariyal for vastu, ekanshi nariyal for wealth, ekanshi nariyal for health.

  • -15%
    Ekanshi Nariyal
    This Ekanshi Nariyal charged by Ashta-lakshmi mantra which is beneficial for good luck, wealth, success in business. Many of the coconuts carry one mouth and two eyes...
    $48.01 $40.90
  • -15%
    Laghu Nariyal for security
    This Laghu Nariyal charged by Panchmukhi Ganesha mantra. Laghu coconut is the tiniest and the smallest coconut much like the scale of a betel nut. The rare truth about the Laghu coconut is its small size...
    $18.58 $15.80
  • -15%
    Tantrokta Nariyal
    This Tantrokta Nariyal has been energised by Panchamukhi Ganesha mantra. It is beneficial for Puja, Tantra Puja, protection, removing negative energy, evil protection...
    $25.81 $22