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Gayatri Sadhana shop

Gayatri Sadhana store

gayatri sadhana store

Gaayatri Mantra has over the ages proved to be an exquisite key to success within the lives of a whole lot of great Rishis and Yogis. In accordance with ancient texts this Mantra was by no means created by anybody, relatively it was obtained instantly from the universe by Brahma. It was by virtue of the divine vitality assimilated by this Mantra that Lord Brahma created life.

It is this mysterious Mantra that hides within it the ability to hyperlink a human to his inside bodies. Most people and scholars immediately associate Gaayatri Mantra with psychological upliftment. But these are just two of its many possibilities. If used properly this Mantra can activate all of the inner bodies and also all of the Chakras of the Kundalini, thus bestowing tremendous human powers like telepathy, hypnotism, astral travelling and omniscience on an individual.

The real Gayatri Sadhana is admittedly tough even for Yogis however its less complicated kinds in which the Mantra is suffixed with special Beej Mantras can help even a sophisticated man activate particular faculties or capabilities. Here three very special Sadhanas are being elucidated.

  • -20%
    Gayatri Sadhana for Sharp Intellect
    The deity worshipped in Gaayatri Mantra is Savita or Sun, therefore the very best day to do that ritual is Sunday...
    $55.74 $44.60
  • -20%
    Gayatri Sadhana for wish Fulfilment
    Strive on a Sunday or a Friday from 5 am to eight am. Have a bath. Put on yellow clothes and sit on a yellow mat going through East...
    $49.55 $39.70
  • -20%
    Gayatri Sadhana for Riddance From Ailments
    This ritual is an actual boon for these troubled by incurable diseases. A family member or buddy too can do it on behalf of the patient...
    $48.31 $38.70
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