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 August 5, 2015 

Angarak ganesha Chaturthi

Tuesday 18th August 2015 Angarika Ganesha Chaturthi

Lord Ganesha- Lord of success

Angarika sankashti chaturthi is known as an propitious day in the Hindu lunar calendar. This powerful day, Ganesha devotees do pujas and observe fasts for the honored god. It's viewed as even bigger a day since it falls in the month of margashirsha.

On angarika chaturthi, followers observe a day-long fast and only on having the moon, they relieve their fast. A lot of people visit temples (mandir) to worship Ganesha. The deity's favorites features like durva i.e. a grass with three blades, hibiscus flower and sweets like laddoo and modak form the usual offering. "I go to temple (mandir) on Angarika because it is propitious day. But it is believed when you worship Ganapati on this day, he ensures all of our desires are gratified, nearly all women worship him and bring vividly his positive aspects for the health of family member.

Beneficial for Angarak chaturthi

Perform any lord ganesha related puja/worship/anushthaan.

Start any task on ganesha angarak chaturthi for success.

Fulfill all wishes.

Lord Ganesha mantra