June 25, 2013

योगिनी एकादशी २०१३

Yogini Ekadashi (योगिनी एकादशी) falls within the month of Ashadha during the waning part of the moon (Krishna Paksha) as per the North Indian Hindu calendar. This often occurs in the month of June or July based on the Gregorian calendar. As per Hindu beliefs, Yogini Ekadashi is regarded as probably the most important Ekadashi quick to be able to get rid of various ailments and diseases. The Hindus believe that by observing this vrat, they would be blessed with good health and effectively being. Additionally, observance of this vrat is thought to redeem a person from sins and ill deeds and help in achieving salvation. Know extra about Yogini Ekadashi and the story behind its observance. Also learn how to look at this important fast.

Ways to Observe Yogini Ekadashi Vrat

Legends narrate the story of a gardener named Hema Mali, a Yaksha and his extraordinarily beautiful spouse, Swarupavati. Hema Mali worked under Kuvera, King of Alakapuri, who was a pious devotee of Lord Shiva. Hema Mali’s job was to gather flowers from Manasarovar Lake and supply them to the king for the day by day Shiva puja. Nonetheless, he was extremely attracted towards his spouse and hence, one day, he stayed back with spouse neglecting his duties. Thus, he couldn't ship flowers for the puja to the king. The king despatched one among his messengers to search out out the explanation for Hema Mali’s absence and negligence. The messenger found that Hema Mali was spending time together with his wife as a substitute of fulfilling his obligation of collecting flowers.

He returned back and knowledgeable the king that the explanation for his carelessness is his attractive wife. Hema Mali was summoned to the court. Although he begged for forgiveness, the king cursed him with suffering from white leprosy and be separated from his wife. He was thrown out of the palace and Hem Mali immediately got afflicted with white leprosy. He wandered via the forests for years and eventually reached the ashram of Sage Markandeya. The entire story was retold to the sage. The sage requested Hema Mali to observe Yogini Ekadashi vrat in an effort to get liberated from the damaging an infection and relieved from the curse.

As directed, Hema Mali observed the fast and returned back to his divine kind as a Yaksha. Due to this fact, he was capable of reunite along with his spouse and stay the rest of his life happily. All devotees observing this fast are freed from their sins and are supplied with great liberation. The rituals and customs for following Yogini Ekadashi are same as that of different Ekadashi fasts. The fast begins from sunrise and lasts till the following day’s sunrise. Individuals observing a partial quick on this day resist from consuming meals made from rice or grains. Devoted to Lord Vishnu, devotees are advised to chant and recite Vishnu Stotras in the course of the day of the fast.