August 3, 2013

In our historical shastra, there may be nice emphasis on the truth that the true Tantra vidya needs to be stored confidential. What is the cause behind this secrecy? If this science has got usefulness, it ought to be popularised and propagated everywhere, every particular person ought to have its knowledge. But this isn't the case. What's the purpose behind it?

The actual Tantra vidya and its secrets and techniques had been passed on verbally by the competent Guru to his disciples only. The disciples memorised that science and also obtained realisation of 'Siddhi' but the Guru obtained his disciples to promise that this information could be granted to only those that really deserved it. So that they had this related argument behind their secrecy. As I've written above that every motion has equal and reverse reaction. For instance in case you disturb anyone - tease a canine, bull or snake, it would actually attack you. It's best to have strength to combat them and in the end bring them below your control. The same is true for Tantra vidya. If a suspicious, weak and fearful person begins Tantra vidya Sadhna, he on experiencing some misery or crisis, generally leaves it halfway and thus places himself in danger resulting from reversible response of the Sadhna as a result of at that moment the internal power of the aspirant is feeble and so is easily overpowered by the exterior forces. That is the explanation why solely a competent Guru is succesful to impart the information of Tantra. A Guru minutely and completely analyses the disciple and on getting assured that his disciple would never misuse that power, he starts educating Tantra Sadhna. Instantly after getting success, the aspirant becomes very a lot energetic and his vigorous activities have to be utilised for public welfare in addition to for Self Realisation and not for causing hurt to others.

As a result of afore talked about causes, the strategies of Tantra vidya Sadhnas have been written incompletely, or in symbols and one, who performs Sadhna in accordance to what's written in holly book can by no means achieve success as the entire data can be attained only via the steering of a Guru.

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