August 3, 2013

Perusal of the past reveals that after Gorakhnath pseudo gurus like Bhayanand began the misuse of Tantra vidya and thus obtained introduced vile practices like meat eating, sex and money spinning into the system. These false Tantriks not just used these reasonably expounded that without them success is unattainable in subject of Tantra vidya. These unconscientious one's even stooped so low as to resort to ingesting, rape and swindling.

It was then but pure for the frequent man to maintain distance from such practicers who had been sadly more in number than real masters of Tantra vidya. Soon society began to shun Tantra and a belief was generated that Tantra vidya itself is a vile apply and has no helpful purposes in life.

But the issue was not with Tantra vidya relatively with the charlatans who used Tantra vidya as an excuse to give vent to their beastly cravings. The truth is Tantra is a science that may instill totality in life. A question may come up that when there are Mantras to procure divine blessings why do we want Tantra?

Sensible and capable individuals don't come to their conclusions in a moment, but only after a careful evaluation of any thing. When the left wing of Tantraobtained predominant and those, who were keen to do these leftist Sadhnas for his or her petty and selfish ends, didn't get success, they became huge critics of Tantra and solely those individuals created misconceptions about Tantra.

Aside from this, the British training and Moghal's culture had an attack on the fundamental elements of Indian society i.e. non secular rites, Mantra, Tantra vidya etc. They were conscious of the truth that this nice science of Vedas, Upnishads and Mantras was responsible for the extremely elevated Indian tradition, so they thought that in the event that they circulated misconceptions in opposition to this science, the Indian folks would spontaneously turn out to be slaves and unfortunately they succeeded of their evil mission. It ought to be remembered that psychological subjugation is extra harmful than physical one and this was the mental dependence which induced our worsening from the heights of affluence.

The target of 'Divyayoga Ashram' magazine is to current the right and complete knowledge of those occult sciences in easiest form earlier than the individuals in order that they themselves confirm it and emerge successful in life via it is use. Only then this science will flourish and we are going to get liberation from mental over subjugation and also will regain our self admiration and an exalted spiritual height.