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 June 20, 2014 

Guru Purnima 2014

गुरु पुर्णिमा २०१४

Saturday 12 july 2012

Hindus connect supreme significance to religious gurus. Gurus are often equated with God (bhagawan) and forever regarded as a relationship between the individual and the Immortal. Just as the moon shines by dazzling the light with the sun, and glorifies it, all disciples can dazzle like the moon by gaining from their Gurus.

On this day Get Diksha for bright future

What exactly is Guru Purnima?

The full moon day in the Hindu month of Ashad (July-August) is observed as the fortunate day of Guru Purnima, a day sacred to the memory with the great sagacious Vyasa. Every Hindus are grateful to this ancient saint who edited the four Vedas, wrote the eighteen Puranas, the Mahabharata and the Srimad Bhagavata. Vyasa even taught Dattatreya, who is regarded as the Guru of Gurus.

Importance of Guru Purnima

On this day, all religious aspirants and devotees worship Vyasa in respect of his divine dignitary and all disciples do a 'puja' of their respective religious preceptor or 'Gurudevs'.

This day is of deep importance to the farmers, for it heralds the setting in with the much-needed rains, as the advent of cool showers usher in fresh life in the fields. It is a good time to start your religious education. Historically, religious seekers begin to intensify their religious 'sadhna' from this day.

The period 'Chaturmas' ("four months") begins from this day. In the past, wandering religious masters and their disciples used to settle down at a place to study and discussion on the Brahma Sutras self-possessed by Vyasa, and interact themselves in Vedantic discussions.

Gurudev asks: "Do you understand now the sacred impact and the supreme consequence with the Guru's role in the evolution of man? It was not without reason that the India with the past cautiously tended and kept alive the lamp of Guru-Tattva. It's thus not without motive that India, year after year, age after age, commemorates anew this olden perception with the Guru, adores it and pays homage to it again and again, and thus re-affirms its perception and allegiance to it. For, the true Indian knows that the Guru is a only guarantee for the individual to transcend the bondage of unhappiness and death, and experience the Consciousness with the Reality."

1. All aspirants aware at Brahmamuhurta, at four o'clock. They meditate on the Guru and chant his prayers.

2. Later in the day, the sacred worship with the Guru's Feet is performed. Of this worship it's believed in the Guru Gita:

Dhyaana moolam guror murtih;

Pooja moolam guror padam;

Mantra moolam guror vakyam;

Moksha moolam guror kripa

ध्यान मूलम् गुरुर्मुर्ति

पूजा मूलम् गुरुर पदम्

मंत्र मूलम् गुरुर वाक्यम्

मोक्ष मूलम् गुरुर कृपा

"The Guru's form ought to be meditated upon; the feet with the Guru must be worshipped; his words are to be treated as a sacred Mantra; his Grace ensures ultimate liberation".

3. Sadhus and Sannyasins are then worshipped and fed at noon.

4. There is nonstop Satsang through that discourses are held on the glory of devotion to the Guru in particular, and on religious subjects in general.

five. Deserving aspirants are initiated into the Holy Order of Sannyas, as it is a highly fortunate event.

6. Religious disciples fast and use up the full day in prayer (prarthana). They also get fresh resolves for religious growth.

The Guru's Recommendation

Guruji recommends: "Wake up at Brahmamuhurta (at four a.m.) on this most holy day. Deliberate on the lotus feet of your Guru. Mentally pray to him for his Grace, through that alone you can attain Self-realisation. Do energetic Japa and deliberate in the early morning hours.

"After bath, worship the lotus feet of your Guru, or his image or photo with flowers, fruits, incense and camphor. Fast or take only milk and fruits the whole day.

In the afternoon, sit with other devotees of your Guru and discuss with them the glories and knowledge of your Guru.

"On the other hand, you can observe the vow of silence and study the books or writings of your Guru, or mentally reflect upon his wisdom. Take fresh resolves on this holy day, to tread the religious path in accordance with the precepts of your Guru.

"At night, assemble again with other devotees, and sing the Names with the Lord and the glories of your Guru. The best form of worship with the Guru is to follow his knowledge, to shine as the very personification of his wisdom, and to spread his glory and his message."

 June 6, 2014 

Tantra turned a forbidden

What then occurred in between that has made Tantra a forbidden at present ?

Examination of the history reveals that after Gorakhnath pseudo gurus akin to Bhayanand began the abuse of Tantra and therefore acquired launched vile procedures like meat consuming, sex and cash spinning into the system. These fake Tantriks not simply used these slightly expounded that with out them achievement is inconceivable in discipline of Tantra. These unconscientious one's even stooped so low as to resort to drinking, rape and swindling.

It was then however natural for the frequent man to maintain distance from such practicers who had been sadly more in quantity than real masters of Tantra. Soon society started to shun Tantra and a perception was generated that Tantra itself is a vile observe and has no helpful functions in life.

However the issue was not with Tantra relatively with the charlatans who used Tantra as an excuse to present vent to their beastly cravings. Actually Tantra is a science that may instill totality in life. A query may come up that when there are Mantras to acquire divine blessings why do we want Tantra?

Sensible and capable persons do not come to their conclusions in a moment, however solely after a careful evaluation of any thing. When the left wing of Tantra obtained predominant and people, who have been keen to do these leftist Sadhnas for his or her petty and egocentric ends, didn't get success, they changed into huge critics of Tantra and solely these individuals created misconceptions about Tantra.

Other than this, the British training and Moghal's tradition had an assault on the elemental components of Indian society i.e. spiritual rites, Mantra, Tantra etc. They had been conscious of the truth that this nice science of Vedas, Upnishads and Mantras was accountable for the extremely elevated Indian tradition, so that they thought that in the event that they circulated misconceptions towards this science, the Indian individuals would spontaneously develop into slaves and sadly they succeeded of their evil mission. It must be remembered that psychological subjugation is extra harmful than bodily one and this was the psychological dependence which brought on our deterioration from the heights of prosperity.

The target of 'Divyayogashop' is to present the right and full information of those occult sciences in easiest kind earlier than the individuals in order that they themselves confirm it and emerge profitable in life by means of it's use. Solely then this science will flourish and we'll get deliverance from psychological over subjugation and also will regain our self respect and an exalted religious stature.

 May 30, 2014 

तन्त्र व नजर से बचने के उपाय 

पीली राई (पीली सरसो), गुग्गल, लोबान व गाय का शुद्ध घी इन सबको मिलाकर इनकी धूप बना लें व सूर्यास्त के 1 घंटे भीतर उपले जलाकर उसमें डाल दें ।
ऐसा २१ दिन तक करें व इसका धुआं पूरे घर में करें । इससे नकारात्मक शक्तियां दूर भागती हैं ।

जावित्री व केसर लाकर उनको कूटकर गुग्गल मिलाकर धूप बनाकर सुबह शाम ११ दिन तक घर में जलाएं। धीरे-धीरे तन्त्र बाधा समाप्त होने लगेगा।

गोरोचन व तगर थोड़ी सी मात्रा में लाकर लाल कपड़े में बांधकर अपने घर में पूजा स्थान में रख दें । भगवान महादेव कृपा से धीरे-धीरे तन्त्र बाधा समाप्त होने लगेगा।

घर में साफ सफाई रखें व पीपल के पत्ते से ७ दिन तक घर में गौमूत्र के छींटे मारें व तत्पश्चात् शुद्ध गुग्गल का धूप जला दें। इससे भूत-प्रेत बाधा समाप्त होने लगती है।

कई बार ऐसा होता है कि शत्रु पक्ष आपकी सफलता व तरक्की से चिढ़कर तांत्रिकों द्वारा अभिचार कर्म करा देता है। इससे व्यवसाय मे बाधा तथा घर मे अशांती उत्पन्न ह जाती है अतः इसके दुष्प्रभाव से बचने हेतु सवा 1 किलो काले उड़द, सवा 1 किलो कोयला को सवा 1 मीटर काले कपड़े में बांधकर अपने ऊपर से २१ बार घुमाकर शनिवार के दिन बहते जल में विसर्जित करें व मन में हनुमान जी का ध्यान करें। ऐसा लगातार ७ शनिवार करें । इससे तन्त्र बाधा पूर्ण रूप से समाप्त हो जाएगा ।

यदि आपको ऐसा लग रहा हो कि कोई आपको मारना चाहता है तो पपीते के २१ बीज लेकर शिव मंदिर जाएं व शिवलिंग पर कच्चा दूध चढ़ाकर धूप बत्ती करें तथा शिवलिंग के निकट बैठकर पपीते के बीज
अपने सामने रखें । अपना नाम, गौत्र उच्चारित करके भगवान् शिव से अपनी रक्षा की गुहार करें व एक माला महामृत्युंजय मंत्र की जपें तथा बीजों को एकत्रित कर तांबे के ताबीज में भरकर गले में धारण कर लें ।

प्रतिस्पर्धी या शत्रु अनावश्यक परेशान कर रहा हो तो नींबू को ४ भागों में काटकर चौराहे पर खड़े होकर अपने इष्ट देव या कुलदेवता/कुलदेवी का ध्यान करते हुए चारों दिशाओं में एक-एक भाग को फेंक दें व घर आकर अपने हाथ-पांव धो लें ।

शुक्ल पक्ष के शनिवार को ४ गोमती चक्र अपने सिर से घुमाकर चारों दिशाओं में फेंक दें तो व्यक्ति पर किए गए तन्त्र का प्रभाव खत्म हो जाता है।

 May 29, 2014 

नजर उतारने का सिद्ध शाबर मंत्र

॥ ओम एक ठो सरसों सौला राइ मोरो पटवल को

रोजाई खाय खाय पड़े भार जे करे ते मरे उलट

विद्या ताहि पर परे शब्द साँचा पिंड काँचा

हनुमान का मंत्र सांचा फुरो मंत्र ईश्वरो वाचा ॥

यदि किसी के ऊपर तांत्रिक अभिचार कर दिया हो तो थोड़ी सी राई, सरसों तथा नमक मिला कर रख ले । इसके बाद इस मंत्र का जाप करते हुए सात बार रोगी का २१ बार उतारा करे । और फिर जलती हुई भट्टी में यह सामग्री झटके से झोंक दे तो सारी नजर समाप्त हो जाती है।

 May 29, 2014 

कालिका साधना

शुक्ल पक्ष या कृष्ण पक्ष की अष्टमी से प्रारंभ कर १८ दिन तक की जाने वाली इस साधना में काली के फोटो के सामने प्रतिरात्रि कालिका अष्टक, जिस के उच्चारण मात्र से दिव्य आनंद की अनुभूति होती है वही शत्रु से बचाव व आकर्षण शक्ति की बृद्धि भी होती है ।

कालिका अष्टक :-

विरंच्यादिदेवास्त्रयस्ते गुणास्त्रीँ, समाराध्य कालीं प्रधाना बभूवुः ।
अनादिं सुरादिं मखादिं भवादिं, स्वरूपं त्वदीयं न विन्दन्ति देवाः ॥ 1

जगन्मोहिनीयं तु वाग्वादिनीयं, सुहृदपोषिणी शत्रुसंहारणीयं ।
वचस्तम्भनीयं किमुच्चाटनीयं, स्वरूपं त्वदीयं न विन्दन्ति देवाः ॥ 2

इयं स्वर्गदात्री पुनः कल्पवल्ली, मनोजास्तु कामान्यथार्थ प्रकुर्यात ।
तथा ते कृतार्था भवन्तीति नित्यं, स्वरूपं त्वदीयं न विन्दन्ति देवाः ॥ 3

सुरापानमत्ता सुभक्तानुरक्ता, लसत्पूतचित्ते सदाविर्भवस्ते ।
जपध्यान पुजासुधाधौतपंका, स्वरूपं त्वदीयं न विन्दन्ति देवाः ॥ 4

चिदानन्दकन्द हसन्मन्दमन्द, शरच्चन्द्र कोटिप्रभापुन्ज बिम्बं ।
मुनिनां कवीनां हृदि द्योतयन्तं, स्वरूपं त्वदीयं न विन्दन्ति देवाः ॥ 5

महामेघकाली सुरक्तापि शुभ्रा, कदाचिद्विचित्रा कृतिर्योगमाया ।
न बाला न वृद्धा न कामातुरापि, स्वरूपं त्वदीयं न विन्दन्ति देवाः ॥ 6

क्षमास्वापराधं महागुप्तभावं, मय लोकमध्ये प्रकाशीकृतंयत् ।
तवध्यान पूतेन चापल्यभावात्, स्वरूपं त्वदीयं न विन्दन्ति देवाः ॥ 7

यदि ध्यान युक्तं पठेद्यो मनुष्य, स्तदा सर्वलोके विशालो भवेच्च ।
गृहे चाष्ट सिद्धिर्मृते चापि मुक्ति, स्वरूपं त्वदीयं न विन्दन्ति देवाः ॥ 8

 May 28, 2014 

Type of Japa

Mantra marga or pujan via mantra primarily includes mantra japa or chanting of mantra. That is carried out in several strategies, type and levels. The repeated chanting of a mantra known as japa. There is 3 type wherein japa is completed:

Chanting the mantra loudly in a rhythm. That is known as Bahya jap (वाचिक जप). That is greatest fitted to suktas. In case of brief mantras which can be to be repeated many instances, it is seen as a preliminary/newbie’s stage of japa.

Not chanting aloud however it in a low voice or just recalling the mantra with lip movement. That is referred to as Upamsu japa (उपांशु जप).

Recalling the mantra inside, with out making any voice, lip motion or motion of tongue. That is known as Antarjapa (मानसिक जप). That is the state greatest recommended.

 May 19, 2014 

Vat Pournima 2014

वट पुर्णिमा २०१४

Vat Pournima (वट पुर्णिमा) is the pageant for Maharashtrian ladies, that is well known within the month of Jesht (Might-June). Ladies observe a fast and tie threads around a banyan tree and pray (prarthana) for a similar husband in each birth.

The celebration derived from the story of Savitri and Satyavan. It has been foretold that Satyavan will not dwell long. Resting on the lap of Savitri, Satyavan was ready for death underneath a banyan tree, when the day of death comes. The messenger of Yama, the God of death got here to take Satyavan. However Savitri refused to offer her beloved companion. Messenger after messenger tried to take Satyavan away, however in vain. Lastly, Yama himself appeared in front of Savitri and insisted to provide her husband.

Since, she was nonetheless adamant, he supplied her a boon. She requested for the properly being of her in-laws. He granted it to her. She then adopted him as he took Satyavan's physique away. He supplied her one other boon. She now requested for the effectively being of her parents. This boon, too, was granted. But she was relentless, and continued to follow him. As they approached Yama's abode, he provided her a ultimate boon. She asked for a son. He granted it. She then asked him how it could be attainable for her to beget sons without her husband. Yama was trapped and had to return her husband.

So, married girls pray (prarthana) to the banyan tree for the lengthy lifetime of their husbands and kids. Their fast is observed the entire evening until the subsequent morning.

 April 24, 2014 

Akshaya Tritiya 

Akkha Teej 2nd May 2014

akshaya tritiya 2014

Akshaya Tritiya (अक्खा तीज) that is often known as Akha Teej is very propitious and holy day for Hindu communities. It falls throughout Shukla Paksha Tritiya within the month of Vaishakha. Akshaya Tritiya falling on a Rohini Nakshatra day with friday is taken into account very favorable. The phrase Akshaya (अक्षय) means by no means diminishing. Therefore the benefits of performing  any puja, havan Jap, Yagya, Pitra-Tarpan, Dan-Punya on this present day never diminish and stay with the particular person everlastingly.

Akshaya Tritiya is believed to convey good luck and success. Most individuals purchase Gold on this day as it's believed that purchasing Gold on Akshaya Tritiya brings wealth and more prosperity in coming future. Being Akshaya day it's supposed that Gold, purchased on this present day, won't ever diminish and would proceed to develop or welcome.

Akshaya Tritiya day is dominated by Bhagawan Vishnu who's the preserver God within the Hindu Trinity. In keeping with Hindu mythology Treta Yuga started on Akshaya Tritiya day. Often Akshaya Tritiya and Parashurama Jayanti, birthday anniversary of sixth incarnation of Lord (bhagawan) Vishnu, falls on a similar day however relying on staring time of Tritiya Tithi Parashurama Jayanti may fall someday earlier than Akshaya Tritiya day.

Vedic astrologers additionally contemplate Askshay Tritiya an auspicious day free from all malefic effects. As per Hindu Astrology three lunar days, Yugadi, Akshaya Tritiya and Vijay Dashami don’t want any Muhurta to begin or carry out any auspicious work as these three days are free from all malefic effects.

What to do on Akshaya tritiya.

You can propose  for long-term relationship.

You can buy any vehicle. But do not choose blue or black colour.

You can do pitra puja (Ancestors related puja) for family peace.

You can do Kalsarpa puja for removing obstacles.

You can perform Lakshmi-narayan puja for success in relationship and understand with husband-wife.

You can perform Mahalakshmi Puja for prosperity and wealth.

You can donate anything but do not donate cash money to beggars.

You can give advance money for buying home and property on Akshaya tritiya.

You can perform Saraswati Puja for your children.

You can perform Mahamrtyunjai Puja for better health and immune system.

 April 12, 2014 

हनुमान जयंती २०१४

Hanuman Jayanti 2014

Hanuman jayanti (हनुमान जयंती) is celebrated being a birthday of the bhagawan Hanuman allover world. He's a monkey deity and essential character in the epic Ramayana. Hanuman Jayanti falls on Full moon day of the chaitra month. Generally it falls in March / April months. This year, Hanuman Jayanti is on Tuesday, 15th April 2014.

Bhagawan Hanuman devotees observe fast during this day. People gather in a large number at temples (mandir) and perform event rituals.

Hanuman mantra

 ॐ हं हनुमंतये नम: मंत्र का जप करें।

हं हनुमते रुद्रात्मकाय हुं फट् का रुद्राक्ष की माला से जप करें।

संकट कटै मिटै सब पीरा, जो सुमिरै हनुमत बलबीरा।

राम-राम नाम मंत्र का 108 बार जप करें।

हनुमान को नारियल, धूप, दीप, सिंदूर अर्पित‍ करें।

हनुमान अष्टमी के दिन हनुमान चालीसा का पाठ करें।

राम रक्षा स्त्रोत, बजरंगबाण, हनुमान अष्टक, हनुमान सहस्र नामावली, हनुमान चालिसा का पाठ करें।

हनुमान आरती, हनुमत स्तवन, राम वन्दना, राम स्तुति,  का पाठ करें।

‍परिवार सहित मंदिर में जाकर मंगलकारी सुंदरकांड पाठ करें।

हनुमान को चमेली का तेल, सिंदूर का चोला चढ़ाएं।

गुड-चने और आटे से निर्मित प्रसाद वितरित करें। 

 April 12, 2014 

हनुमान बजरंगबाण

Hanuman bajarang baan

जिस घर में हनुमान बजरंग बाण का नियमित पठन होता है वहॉ दुर्भाग्य, दारिद्र, भूत-प्रेत का प्रकोप और असाध्य शारीरिक कष्ट आ नहीं पाते। समय की कमी के कारणें जो व्यक्ति नित्य पाठ करने में असमर्थ हों, उन्हें कम से कम प्रत्येक मंगलवार को यह जप अवश्य करना चाहिए। सांसारिक चिन्ताओं से उत्पन्न हुआ अनिन्द्रा रोग, शारीरिक कष्ट अथवा कोई अन्य संकट, बच्चों की बदनजर, अकारण उपजा भय आदि से मुक्ति पाने के लिए बजरंग बाण का नित्य पाठ करना उपयोगी सिद्ध होता है। कोई कार्य अधूरा हो और कार्य संपन्न होने मे अडचन आ रही हो तो बजरंग बाण के प्रयोग से शुभ समय आना शुरु हो जाता है।

दोहा :
निश्चय प्रेम प्रतीति ते, बिनय करैं सनमान।
तेहि के कारज सकल शुभ, सिद्ध करैं हनुमान॥

चौपाई :
जय हनुमंत संत हितकारी। सुन लीजै प्रभु अरज हमारी॥
जन के काज बिलंब न कीजै। आतुर दौरि महा सुख दीजै॥
जैसे कूदि सिंधु महिपारा। सुरसा बदन पैठि बिस्तारा॥
आगे जाय लंकिनी रोका। मारेहु लात गई सुरलोका॥
जाय बिभीषन को सुख दीन्हा। सीता निरखि परमपद लीन्हा॥
बाग उजारि सिंधु महँ बोरा। अति आतुर जमकातर तोरा॥
अक्षय कुमार मारि संहारा। लूम लपेटि लंक को जारा॥
लाह समान लंक जरि गई। जय जय धुनि सुरपुर नभ भई॥
अब बिलंब केहि कारन स्वामी। कृपा करहु उर अंतरयामी॥
जय जय लखन प्रान के दाता। आतुर ह्वै दुख करहु निपाता॥
जै हनुमान जयति बल-सागर। सुर-समूह-समरथ भट-नागर॥
ॐ हनु हनु हनु हनुमंत हठीले। बैरिहि मारु बज्र की कीले॥
ॐ ह्नीं ह्नीं ह्नीं हनुमंत कपीसा। ॐ हुं हुं हुं हनु अरि उर सीसा॥
जय अंजनि कुमार बलवंता। शंकरसुवन बीर हनुमंता॥
बदन कराल काल-कुल-घालक। राम सहाय सदा प्रतिपालक॥
भूत, प्रेत, पिसाच निसाचर। अगिन बेताल काल मारी मर॥
इन्हें मारु, तोहि सपथ राम की। राखु नाथ मरजाद नाम की॥
सत्य होहु हरि सपथ पाइ कै। राम दूत धरु मारु धाइ कै॥
जय जय जय हनुमंत अगाधा। दुख पावत जन केहि अपराधा॥
पूजा जप तप नेम अचारा। नहिं जानत कछु दास तुम्हारा॥
बन उपबन मग गिरि गृह माहीं। तुम्हरे बल हौं डरपत नाहीं॥
जनकसुता हरि दास कहावौ। ताकी सपथ बिलंब न लावौ॥
जै जै जै धुनि होत अकासा। सुमिरत होय दुसह दुख नासा॥
चरन पकरि, कर जोरि मनावौं। यहि औसर अब केहि गोहरावौं॥
उठु, उठु, चलु, तोहि राम दुहाई। पायँ परौं, कर जोरि मनाई॥
ॐ चं चं चं चं चपल चलंता। ॐ हनु हनु हनु हनु हनुमंता॥
ॐ हं हं हाँक देत कपि चंचल। ॐ सं सं सहमि पराने खल-दल॥
अपने जन को तुरत उबारौ। सुमिरत होय आनंद हमारौ॥
यह बजरंग-बाण जेहि मारै। ताहि कहौ फिरि कवन उबारै॥
पाठ करै बजरंग-बाण की। हनुमत रक्षा करै प्रान की॥
यह बजरंग बाण जो जापैं। तासों भूत-प्रेत सब कापैं॥
धूप देय जो जपै हमेसा। ताके तन नहिं रहै कलेसा॥

दोहा :
उर प्रतीति दृढ़, सरन ह्वै, पाठ करै धरि ध्यान।
बाधा सब हर, करैं सब काम सफल हनुमान॥