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Sadhana Store

The Right Manner of Sadhana

sadhana store

See Sadhana faq

Divyayoga shop provide many kind of sadhana like mantra sadhana, tantra sadhana, yoga sadhana, gayatri sadhana, hanuman sadhana, vashikaran sadhana, vaidik sadhana, tantrik sadhana, tara sadhana, kali sadhana, bagalamukhi sadhana, chhinnamasta sadhana, kamala sadhana, kamdev sadhana, katyayani sadhana, sadhana ashram.

It's best to do Shodashopchaar worship through which sixteen articles are provided however in every day Sadhana Panchopchaar worship would suffice and in it 5 articles specifically fragrance, flowers, incense, ghee lamp and sweets are offered.

Many do not depend this within the process and instead simply provide prayers to the deity. It means inviting the deity concerned to come and bless the Sadhak. For this both hands are joined and the next Mantra is chanted.

Aavaahayaami Devesh Sarvashakti Shakti Samanvite,
Naaraaynnaay Bhadraay Gururoopaayate Namah.
Guru Brahmaa Guru Vishnnuh Gurudevo Maheshwarah.
Guru Saakshaat Parbrahma Tasmei Shree Gurave Namah.

A worship mat is used so as to make the physical physique freed from illnesses, the soul pure and achieve divine powers. Basically a man acts as a foul conductor and doesn't permit vitality of Mantra chanting from being earthed. Torn, burnt, and used mats are prohibited. Deer pores and skin, tiger pores and skin, grass, silk, cotton and wool mats are best. Deer pores and skin for achieve of data, tiger pores and skin for non secular progress & wealth, and wool for riddance from sorrows and poverty are prescribed. Deities are provided a mat of flowers and then the following Mantra is chanted.

Ramyam Sushobhanam Divyam Sarva Soukhyakaram Shubham.
Aasanam Cha Mayaa Grihaann Parameshwar.

Providing water in the ft of the deity is called Paadya. For this two spoonfuls of water is obtainable chanting thus.

Yad Bhakti Lesh Samparkat Paramaanand Sambhavah.
Tasmei Te Parameshaan Paadyam Shuddhaay Kalpaye.

Water offered to deities for laundry their hands known as Arghya. Mix flowers and fragrance in water in a tumbler. Offer chanting thus.
Arghyam Grihaann Devesh Gandh Pushpaakshateih Sah.

Karunnaam Kuru Me Dev! Grihaannaarghya Namastu Te.

Water supplied to deities for rinsing the mouth is named Aachamaniya. Supply water chanting -
Sarva Teerth Samaaneetam Sugandhim Nirmalam Jalam.

Aachmyataam Mayaadattam Grihaann Parameshwar.

All deities are current within the ocean of data, nonetheless three spoonfuls of water is obtainable as a mark of respect for a bath.
Gangaa Saraswatee Revaa Payoshanni Narmadaajaleih.

Snaapitosi Mayaa Dev Tathaa Shaantim Kurushnna Me.

Clean & new clothes are offered. Providing old, torn garments leads to losses. Mouli (holy red thread) will be provided instead chanting thus.
Sarva Bhooshaadi Ke Soumye Lok Lajjaanivaaranne.

Mayopapaadite Tubhyam Grihaann. Parameshwar.

Bathe the deity with honey. The Mantra is -
Om madhuvvaataa Rataayate madhuKsharanti sindhavaH maadhveenrah santvoShadheeH.
madhunaktamutoSh so madhumat paarthav (Gum) rajaH.
madhu dhaurastu naH pitaa madhumaatro vanaspatiH madhumaanastu sooryaH maadhvee graavo bhavantunaH.
madhu snaanam samarpayaami namaH.
After this, bathe the deity once more with pure water chanting :
punaH shuddhodak snaanam samarpayaami.

For riddance from sins, afflictions and misfortune a mark is made on the brow of the deity. Sandalwood paste is finest in any other case Ashtgandh, Gorochan, camphor, saffron and musk can also be used. Mantra -
Shree Khand Chandanam Divyam Gandhaaddyam Sumanoharam.
Vilepanam Surshreshtth Chandanam Pratigrihyaataam.

Akshat means unbroken rice grains that are offered to realize wealth and prosperity. Combine with vermilion and supply them chanting thus.
Akshtaashcha Surshreshtth Kumkumaaktaah Sushobhitaah.

Mayaa Niveditaa Bhaktyaa Grihaann Parameshwar.

Supply flowers to the deity for comforts, good luck and health chanting thus.
Maalyaadeeni Sugandheeni Maalatyaadeeni Veiprabho.

Mayopaneetaani Pushpaanni Grihaann Parameshwar.

Offer incense made out of choicest and most fragrant herbs to the deity chanting thus.
Vanaspati Rasodbhootah Gandhaaddyah Sumanoharah.

Aaghreyah Sarvasevaanaam Dhoopoyam Pratigrihayataam.

Lighting a lamp before a deity signifies dispelling of darkness of ignorance from the Sadhak's life. Mantra -
Suprakaasho Mahaadeepah Sarvatah Timiraapahah.

Sa Baahyaamyaram Jyotih Deepoyam Pratigrihyataam.

Neivedya means elixier. While providing sweets or meals articles chant this.
Neivedyam Grihyataam Dev Bhaktim Me Hyachalaam Kuru.

Eepsitam Me Varam Dehi, Sarvasoubhaagya Kaarakam.

Offer a betel leaf containing betel nuts, cloves and cardamom. A betel leaf is symbolic of the sixteen Kalas or divine virtues. Mantra-
Poongifalam Mahad Divyam Naagvalee-rdaleiryutam.

Elaadi Choornna Sanyuktam Taamboolam Pratigrihyataam.

Take the naariyal in both hands chanting -
yatraa te dhratasy dhrataa te dhaaraNe viniyogaH dhee brahraar dhrataa vachanaa yatraasv yatraa bhargo devaanaam dakshiNaaye saagarasy mahaalaKshmye sampoorNayate saprabhaavaan japaa mam tvaam amuk gotrotpannoH ...... amuk sharmaaH ...... tvaam purn bal buddhi vidhya purNatvam tvaam charaNe naarikel fal grahmaati tvaam charne samarpayaami namaH.

Supply your body, strength and mind to the deity in the type of a naariyal.

Sing the Aarti (particular hymn) of the deity whom you are worshipping. For Aarti use a lamp with one or 5 wicks. Mantra-

With this the worship is over. If one will not be in a position to do Shodashopchaar worship one ought to do Panchopchaar worship whereas chanting the Mantras with full devotion.

One ought to every day offer prayers to one's deity and Guru.

See Sadhana faq

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